Aby-a-Day – November 26: Sitting on the dock of the channel

Today was an extraordinarily amazing, warm, gorgeous day for late November; it got up to 63° in Boston (the record for this day was 67°, in 1946) and there was no way Jacoby and I weren’t going outside to take advantage of it. We didn’t do much, just walked along Fort Point Channel to the post office and back, but we did have a chance to check out the new P&G/Gillette Public Dock that they were building all summer and which officially opened last month.


It’s really cool. It’s just a small wooden dock, floating on the water, that’s open to the public. I’m sure it’ll be busy in the summer when people with kayaks and little boats start using it. But hopefully we’ll get a chance to sit on it and watch the jellyfish at some point next year.


Actually, it was really nice to sit on it today. There weren’t any jellyfish, but we did see a Horned Grebe

Now you get to choose: a photo where I’m ready and Jake isn’t…or one where he’s ready and I look like I’m asking why the flash didn’t go off.

(Me ready, Jake not)

(Jake ready, me not)


But my point is, how often, living in a place that gets a freak snowstorm on Halloween weekend, do you get to sit outside with your sleeves rolled up and no socks on?


Yeah, it was a pretty good day.

6 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – November 26: Sitting on the dock of the channel

  1. Boston…how do I contact you…? I’m in Worcester and lost my beautiful fawn boy this year do to age…looking for a replacement….I have wonderful references …need a new abby to love….any Abby will have the best home and treatment….no children…we are retired…we care and love all animals…just had a homing pigeon visit us for a month…..


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