Aby-a-Day – November 27: Such a helpful Christmas elf!

Today was spent putting up our beloved LED fibre-optic white Xmas tree and the other holiday decorations.


I had such a great helper, too.


From the moment I unzipped the tree bag, Jacoby was right there inspecting everything to make sure it was all in good working order.


Then he needed to check out the ambiance underneath the tree.


And then…he got into some serious fake pine needle chewing. I don’t understand the attaction, and none one else does it, but he loves biting the tree.


Check out the Grand Premier! If I ever need to blackmail Jake, I think I’m set.


“Okay, that was awesome…what else do you have?”

2 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – November 27: Such a helpful Christmas elf!

  1. Sebastian always wants to chew on the tree lights. Like, the actual bulbs. I’ve even found a couple of broken ones in previous years that I feel certain were his doing. I’m amazed that he hasn’t cut or electrocuted himself.


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