Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats and Holiday Cards

Today’s Page-a-Day Cat Calendar cutey isn’t a purebred Abyssinian, but she is a ticked tabby…I think she probably looks like the founders of the breed from the 1800’s.


“Eight-pound Muffin is a tiger at heart, says Marian Gall of Logan, Ohio. The three-year-old gray tabby loves to pick on the other two house cats – even one that weighs twice as much as she does. Small wonder that she has to take a break and chill out with a little yoga.”

Also wanted to alert you to some wonderful calendars, in case you need one for the new year.

Our friend Sparkle has her award-winning calendar available for sale on Zazzle.

The Abyssinian Cat Club of America also has a calendar for sale featuring colour photos of the ACCA’s top-scoring Abys of the 2010-2011 show season; to order one contact Harford Gillaspie by email (dexterus@volcano.net) for an order form.


Finally…I have a calendar too! Not for sale, not yet…but I make this one for family and friends and this year’s edition features several photos of Mr. Camera Ham, as well as pictures of Angel, Gun-Hee, Kylie and Tessie. And I have one to give away to one lucky Daily Abyssinian reader. Please comment on this post and I’ll choose someone at random.

And if you would like to receive a holiday card from Jacoby (and the rest of us), I’d love to send you one! Please send me your mailing address (abyaday@talonvaki.com). International addresses are welcome, and I promise I won’t use your address for nefarious purposes.

Happy holidays!

Aby-a-Day – November 28 – Scenes from a cat show (Hipstamatic Monday)

I just love the feeling of anticipation at a cat show.


Each new ring, each new judge…you never know what will happen.


Even if your cat’s been seen by a judge at a past show and done well, it doesn’t mean that you’ll see the same result today.


People ask me what it is about cat shows I find so entrancing…well, that, I guess is a big part of it.


It’s also really interesting to see your cat compared with other members of his or her breed.


And it’s also fun to see other breeds, too.

Abys in Need: Update on St. Anne

Good morning…Update on St. Anne posted to the Aby Rescue list:

“She has Tritrichomonas foetus (an easily diagnosed and treated intestinal parasite) but we cannot afford vet bills since we have fallen on hard times…Plus she is stressed out and giving herself hotspots. We are blaming it on stress but maybe a vet could find an underlying reason/skin irritation? I want everyone to know up front that she has a problem. It would do her no good to go to someone else who can’t afford the vet bills. We are only giving her up for her own good and it is breaking our hearts.”

I know what it’s like to deal with overgrooming; Tessie’s had that problem since May.

If there’s any more information posted, I’ll pass it along.