Aby-a-Day – December 1: Grabby Aby hands

Of course, Jacoby loves turkey, too.


He’s just a little less demure when it comes to asking for his share than Angel is.


It may be a “dog thing,” but Jake’s not above a little sitting up and begging.


And if the prized turkey meat is a little too slow in being handed over?


Well, he isn’t shy about reminding you it’s his turn for a share.


Not one bit!

Abys in Need: It’s going to be a Blue Aby Christmas

Purebreds Plus, Angel’s alma mater in Northern California, currently has a lot of blue Abyssinians available for adoption. It’s actually really amazing…so many at once, and all blue!


First, we have Rick O’Shay, who it 6-7 years old. Ricky is being fostered in Davis, CA (my hometown!)


Next up, meet Mr. Blue Boy. He’s being fostered in Angel’s foster home in Pleasanton, CA. Poor guy’s owner died and he was in mourning for a while.


You have got to see Almika. Almika is actually not a blue Aby…she’s the 2year old daughter of a blue Aby mother and a brown Bengal father, but she looks strikingly Abyssinian. She’s also in Pleasanton.

There are a couple more kitties who’ve been recently adopted, but I just wanted to share them, too.


Look at Brigsby! He’s listed as being a blue marbled Bengal, but he looks like a blue Aby with vague classic tabby blotching. He looks like watered silk…just amazing. He’s just found a home, but have you ever seen a cat like that?


Sakima is another blue Aby mix, but instead of Bengal, he’s part Savannah. He’s a little more spotty than Almika, and look at his long Serval-esque legs!


Cleopatra of De Nile was also just adopted. She’s a bit chunkier than most Abys, but her body shape, short tail and legs and gorgeous head really remind me a lot of Angel. I kind of wonder if they came from the same lines?


Last, but definitely not least, a non-blue Aby. Remember Ali? I’ve posted about her before; she was being fostered, and then she got sick and was not available for adoption for a few months while she recovered. But look at her now! She’s healthy, happy and in her new home. She looks amazing!

Purebreds Plus doesn’t ship their cats, and they do have a fairly detailed adoption process, but they are a wonderful rescue and I highly recommend them. I am so glad I found Angel!

Another Update on St. Anne

I sent an email to the person who originally posted about St. Anne:

Do you know anything more about this girl? I posted about her on my blog to help spread the word, and apparently some of the readers have tried to contact Mr. Torres, and have gotten somewhat mixed responses from him. I gather that some of them have offered to help pay for her vet bills and he hasn’t responded.
Is he selling her, or giving her away? Do you know who her breeder is?

People are really worried about her; I’ve had commenters from Montréal and Michigan (or Wisconsin) who recently lost their Abys asking if there’s a way to transport her north!

This was the response:

No, I’m sorry I really don’t know anything except what he has said, which I have quoted on the list. I’m just focused on the Aby and trying to help find a good home for her. I don’t live very close to them.

However, at the same time, another person forwarded this email:

She is gorgeous. Just on the opposite coast of Florida, in Melbourne, I will be happy to help in case someone doesn’t scoop her up (very doubtful). I would adopt her myself if I could have another. Please keep me in the loop.

So, while not much is known about the people who have St. Anne, it does appear that there are a lot of people interested in her. I know many of my readers are concerned about her as well; have any of you learned anything more?