Aby-a-Day – December 3: Wishy washy

I honestly have no idea what the fascination is, but Jacoby is seriously fixated on getting into the laundry closet and getting in behind the washer-dryer.


He waits for one of us to open the door. He literally lies in wait. And he waits until we think he’s not going to go in there this time…and then he dives back there. And he won’t come out. For anything.


Well…almost anything. The laser pointer won’t work. Fun toys won’t work. Apart from reaching back in there and physically dragging him out, the only thing that will get him out from back there is opening a can of food.

At least, it’s working now.

3 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – December 3: Wishy washy

  1. My Script baby used to be obsessed with hanging out behind the water heater in my old apartment. I think maybe it was warm, and she is also super timid, so it was a good hiding place. If anyone knocked on the door, she would growl and run to the water heater. And for being a tiny, sweet little girl, it was always so funny to hear her growl. Sometimes she would do it before whoever it was even got to the door to knock. She’d suddenly stop what she was doing, growl, and then stealth off to her place, and then I’d hear a knock.

    Unrelated to my little story, I cannot tell you and everyone else how careful you need to be with cats around washers/dryers. I have seen two cats amazingly survive being laundered (one for 15 minutes in the dryer– any longer and it surely would have died of overheating, but fortunately someone discovered it before it got too hot– it mostly just had bruises) and the other through an ENTIRE wash cycle in a front loader. It was nearly dead when they found it, but amazingly recovered completely within a few days and an expensive bill at the ER vet. And I’ve known of numerous others that did die. It even happened to one of our vet techs own cat. And a friend I know from rescue lost a kitten that way just a month or so ago. And almost every time, they managed to get in undetected while the person had just turned the other way for a second.

    Anyway, sorry for hijacking your post, but I suddenly felt the need to make that public service announcement. 🙂


    1. No problem – that is very good advice. We’re very vigilant about the cats getting into the washing machine or the dryer; we have the stacked kind, and the dryer is on top, so it’s hard for a cat to get in there and not be seen as it’s at our eye level.

      But yes, one should ALWAYS check any appliance to be sure it’s catless before starting it up.


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