Aby-a-Day – December 8: The shark is circling…

As I said on Tuesday, Angel is much more polite about waiting her turn than Jacoby is.


We actually shut Jake up in the bedroom to give the girls a head start on the turkey. But he’s not stupid, and he knows exactly what’s going on out there. He just hasn’t mastered turning round doorknobs, or we would be so busted. By the time we let him out for his so-called “share” (as you may well guess, he does anything but “share”), he’s whipped himself up into a feeding frenzy.


I wasn’t able to capture it, but he actually jumps up for the turkey and snaps at it. It’s like watching them feed the alligators at the zoo.


He also won’t wait his turn. He comes right up and demands his turkey! My husband actually had to distract him with a piece so that could sneak some to Angel. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gotten any more after we loosed the hound!