Aby-a-Day – December 16: Gun-Hee up the tree (Friday Flashback)

December 15, 2006. Five years ago yesterday, I met my first Abyssinian kitten, Jacoby’s half-brother, Gun-Hee. Gun-Hee was my Christmas kitten because of the timing of his adoption (he was born on Sept. 16, and turned 3 months old the day after we brought him home).


He was also my Christmas tree kitten.


I didn’t see him climb into the tree the first time; we came in from the kitchen, and there he was, up the tree! We pried him loose and set him back on the floor.


And he ran right back up the tree!


He did this several times, too.


He was so proud of himself! The next Christmas, we didn’t set up the tree, because we were afraid he’d climb it again, and we didn’t want him to bring it down on top of himself; a 9lb cat is very different from a 1lb kitten!

And then the Christmas after that, we didn’t have Gun-Hee…