Aby-a-Day – December 28: Wordless Wednesday (Watch the Mouse-Birdy!)


Other People’s Abys – More Abys in Cars

Oh, my, what have I started?

Kim, the person who belongs to Jacoby’s Uncle Clancy and his cousin Finn, writes:

So, of course I have traveling pics of my boys, too LOL!
Finnegan much prefers to be out of his carrier in the car – he’s on lock down until we hit the highway for most trips – because he loves to gawk out the windows and freak out the cars passing us. Passengers will look over and see a ruddy aby screaming at them, because you just know he’s talking the entire time.

Finn in car

Clancy, however, will snuggle down and chill in the kitty cube that always travels with him – he’s an awesome car passenger… silent and most times asleep within 20 minutes!

Clancy in Kitty Cube

I wish Jake took after his uncle and not his cousin! As I’ve posted in the past, he feels the need to comment on every single thing he sees and feels…

Aby-a-Day – December 27: The Cat-a-Pole

Once of the Abys’ favourite gifts was the Cat-a-Pole.


As you could probably imagine.


I read about this fabulous new toy from Moderncat, and I have to say, it was an awesome recommendation.


It has a “mouse-bird” lure and is designed to move randomly and unpredictably. It also has a “covered” string set-up that keeps it from getting tangled. It also seems to keep the cats – well, at least the Abys – from getting distracted by the string the toy is tied to. They only play with the “Mouse-Bird,” not the string.


The tangle-free architecture also means that you can tie the Cat-a-Pole to a chair leg or a lamp while you aren’t home and the cats can play with it unsupervised. They can’t choke on it or get entangled.


I have a feeling that’s going to make it a big hit.


I just hope I can MacGyver a way to attach it that is smarter than the average Aby…

Other People’s Abys – Cousin Toki, the backseat driver

I got this email and photo from Julie, Toki Nantucket’s mom:


“That ‘Other People’s Abys’ post with the Aby in the car reminded me of this, so I had to send it to you. This is Toki complaining in the car. We were stuck in traffic. The funny thing is, this was on the way home after the Blessing of the Animals. Toki got blessed by a priest at the Church of St Francis for the Feast of St Francis. He was really good the whole time, even when the priest put the holy water on his head. And even though there were dogs everywhere. On the way home though, I guess he had enough. He complained LOUDLY the whole way home. I put him back in his carrier after the traffic let up. But he doesn’t look very holy here, does he? Hehe.”

I think he looks like he’s saying, “I said to go through the Park, not take 5th! Now we’re gonna get trapped going uptown at rush hour!”

Aby-a-Day – December 26: Happy Holidaze (Hipstamatic Monday)

Hipstamatic’s Incredibooth came out with a new “Holidaze” booth, just in time for Christmas.


So I figured, when better to try it out than while opening gifts?

Other People’s Abys – “The horse knows the way to carry the sleigh”…but the cat might just kill you in your sleep

Had to share this photo of Ora, the Aby, from Flickr:


The caption:
Imagine this face meowing at you for an hour and a half from the back seat. It’s not awesome.”

Well, it sure LOOKS awesome.

Aby-a-Day – December 26: A very Hipstamatic Christmas (Hipstamatic Monday)

As I said last Monday, Hipstamatic was made to take Christmas photos.







I use Hipstamatic on random, so I never really know what the photos will look like until they “develop.” It’s kind of like the old film days.




Kylie joined Jacoby for a few holiday snaps.




Some of the super-saturated films, like Big Up, just enhance the lights on the tree.


But the black and white films evoke the Christmases of my childhood.



I love that one of the most technologically advanced mini-computers has spawned such a throwback art form.