Aby-a-Day – January 6: Tag, they’re it! (Fashion Friday)

I’m a huge fan of Blanket ID tags. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re small, durable, colourful, attractive, made in Canada and donate part of their profits to help animals. All that, and they help protect your pet if he or she gets lost. What’s not to love?

Well…they didn’t have the perfect purple tag for Angel. Or the right red tag for Tessie. Until Cyber Monday. That’s when their online store started offering their new line of Mascot Tags.


Look at this purple crown tag!


Isn’t it just perfect for Angel?


I think the crown really suits her.

They also had the perfect tag for Tessie. Tessie is named after two different Red Sox “anthems,” and therefore her collars have always been red or red with blue.


And look! a red tag with a blue star on it. How perfect is that?


Tess seems pretty pleased with it, and she can’t even see red all that well.

He didn’t really need a new tag, but I got Jacoby a Mascot tag, too.


But only because they had a green tag with a blue ribbon on it!


I thought the ribbon would be a nice way to commemorate his Grand Premiership.


Kylie’s the only one who still has her original tag. I just haven’t found her another one that suits her as well as her little pink and flowery “Tea Cup” tag.

Don’t worry about the old tags…the nice thing is, you can reregister them for family or friends’ pets. Which is what I did with our “retired” tags for Christmas presents this year (with new collars…of course, the real gift is the membership and the donation, not the tag itself).