Aby-a-Day – January 8: Such a helpful, helpful cat!

Jacoby is always at my side, “helping” me.


I open the closet to put something away, turn mu back for a moment, and…


Theeeerrrrre’s Jakey!


There are times when this “helpfulness” of his backfires. The other day, I nipped into the closet for a quick second, just to get a pair of socks. The door was open for maybe 30 seconds, tops. About an hour later, it occurs to me that I haven’t seen Jake for a while…and when I went to look for him, I heard thump coming from the closet, opened the door…and Jake came strolling nonchalantly out!

At least he doesn’t get too fussed when he gets shut up in a closet…or a cabinet…or a cupboard…I guess he understands the hazards of being helpful.