Aby-a-Day – January 12: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

Yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday photo featured a shot of Angel and Tessie getting along, again! This actually happened Tuesday night when I fed the two girls one of their favourite canned foods.


Unfortunately, this miracle wonder food is…Friskies. Friskies Savory Shreds Turkey and Cheese, to be exact. I’m not thrilled about giving it to them, but they eat it, and they love it. I never thought I’d have a cat that would not eat canned food, but all four of them are incredibly fussy about which brand and which flavours of canned food they’ll eat.


Because Jacoby is on prescription food for his urinary crystal issue, he eats his meals in his man-cave, aka the Sturdi-Shelter. Kylie, who is on Hill’s AD and kitten food because she’s underweight, eats on her own in the bedroom. Thus, Angel and Tessie, who have no dietary restrictions (apart from being extremely picky eaters), end up eating together in the kitchen.


Angel used to eat in the bedroom with Kylie, because she was so intimidated by Tessie. But since Kylie’s on a higher calorie diet and Angel really doesn’t need to eat high calorie food, sadly we were forced to change the dining arrangements. So that Angel wasn’t so spooked by Tessie that she refused to eat at all, I started feeding her on the cat tree, which is her “safe place.” Angel actually feels more secure at the very top, but I was afraid of her knocking the ceramic dishes off the tree from there, so she eats on the middle level, but it still seems to be high enough and far away enough from Tessie to work.


After each girl has eaten her fill from her own bowl, they generally trade places to see if the other cat had something better than they did…but on Tuesday, Tessie came over before Angel was ready to switch, and they ended up sharing! I was pleasantly surprised because, despite last week’s act of random cuddling, Tessie has still been bullying Angel. What she tends to do is wait for Jake and Angel to get into an Aby battle and then use that as an excuse to corner and attack Angel. I know she isn’t just joining in the Abys’ play fighting, because she never gangs up with Angel against Jake in these situations. She pretty obviously only ever joins in so she can whale on Angel.


But perhaps feeding the two of them together is at least starting to help them to get along, at least a little. Look at Angel’s happy tail!


…and, that’s all she wrote. Angel’s decided not to press her luck since the food’s run out, I guess.


It’s off to the top shelf for her to recharge her bravery circuits for a while.

Other People’s Abys – Calendar Cats

It didn’t take very long for the 2012 Page-a-Day Cat Calendar to feature an Abyssinian…sort of. Today we have a Somali kitten, Katonia, from Germany.


In a word, foxy! That’s how most people would describe Somali cats, who resemble both the striking Abyssinian, to whom they are directly related, and the wild fox, with whom they share their glorious bushy tails. The Somali was recognized for championship competition in 1979 [in the CFA; TICA was founded in ’79] and since then has been bound for glory.

I’m sure our friend Sparkle would agree with that!