Aby-a-Day – January 16: Well, they DO say that Abys are “wash & wear” cats…(Hipstamatic Monday)

I took Jacoby with me when I got my hair cut.


He was very calm and composed while I was being worked on.


Blow dryers, music, people talking? Not a problem.


Of course, my hair salon, Avanti South, is in the same complex as the building we live in, so it wasn’t very hard to bring him along with me…

Aby-a-Day – January 16: Wordless Wednesday (Good morning!)


A Daily Abyssinian Success Story

When I started this blog, I meant it to be a sort of reference for all things Abyssinian. In the five years, more or less, that I’ve been doing this, I’ve learned a lot about my favourite breed. There are Yahoo groups and many other ways for Aby people to network, but since I haven’t the space or resources to actually breed Abys myself (which has been my “dream job” since I was 11 or 12), I reckoned that running a fangirl-slash-photography-all things Aby blog would be the next best thing. And it’s been a fantastic experience.

Last month, I got the following email from Kelli, one of my readers:

Hello! First of all, I just adore your blog. I am currently owned by a female ruddy Aby and recently lost my other precious Aby girl to FIP this past summer.* I just cannot imagine my life without an Aby in it!

Anyways, I am now looking for another Aby as a companion for my girl and have come across an available male through …[a breeder]. I see that she has been featured in a couple of your posts, so I was hoping you might be able to give me your thoughts on her as a breeder. Health is always more important to me than looks, so I’m particularly interested if you know anything about the health of her cats or just her reputation as a breeder in general.

I truly appreciate any input you might have. Thank you!!!

That email kind of made my day, since that’s one of the reasons I started my blog. I responded that I didn’t know that breeder personally, but I shared what I did know. Then I asked which region she lived in and mentioned that I could ask my friend Meg of Anubis Cattery, since she’s been breeding for 38 years and knows practically everyone in the Aby world. Kelli wrote back and said:

Wow! Thank you! I’m in [the Dallas area] and there aren’t really any great Aby breeders around here, at least not from what I could find. And that would be amazing if you could ask Meg. She is one that an Aby breeder friend of mine (in Malaysia) referred me to, but I could never get in touch with her. I’m looking for a Ruddy, either male or female, but I would like to get one in the next month or two while my girl is still relatively young. She’s just under 9 months now. Location doesn’t really matter since I would be flying the kitten back myself.



Here are some photos of Emmy. Anyways, any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated and as always, I look forward to more aby pics and stories on your blog!

I wrote back to Kelli with a few links to Aby breeders in Texas and what I’d found on the Retired Friends list. I also sent her email onto my friend Molly, from Tigerflower Abyssinians.


You may recall that Molly had little blue girl she named after me. Long story short…turns out, little Coco wasn’t a blue after all, but a ruddy. And before I knew it, I got this email from Molly:


So I lost my head and offered her Coco! HOWEVER…my next great show cat will be CocoKOH…the better name. And I have a litter due in a month… Kelli is a darling – and she would like to try a show…

Right after that, I got this email from Kelli:

I know that Molly has already told you, but I just wanted to personally thank you again for your help and for referring me to Molly. She is just as wonderful as you said and I can’t wait to get my new baby girl. I promise to keep you both updated with pictures as she grows. As if it weren’t already meant to be, she will be ready to go home on my birthday

So, fast forward through the holidays and to this weekend. I got email updates from both Molly and Kelli!

First Molly told me:

Kelli flew in from Dallas Tuesday to pick up (Coco) and it is a lovely match. Thank you for this good referral!


And then Kelli gave me the good news…with photos!


I got her Tuesday morning and I have officially named her Allie. 🙂 Unfortunately, she has not been formally introduced to Emmy yet because she came down with a URI right away. You can tell from the pic at the airport in her carrier that one of her eyes is smaller because of the conjunctivitis starting in it.



She’s on an antibiotic for 10 days and my vet said I could introduce her after she’s finished with those. Emmy has seen her several times because I will occasionally put a baby gate up so she can watch us play. Of course Emmy just growls and hisses but she’ll get over that soon. I think she’s just jealous because Allie took over her play room. LOL.



The two pics of her in her carrier with the bear aren’t the best quality because I was on the drive home from the airport with her, but it was just so cute I had to include them. The bear is something Molly gave her to remind her of her home and you can see that she really used it as a comfort. Enjoy!

I am so proud to have been involved in this matchmaking!

* What’s funny is, I actually “knew” Kelli and her Aby Maggie without actually knowing I did. On my blogroll, one of the links leads to a page on the IBD Kitties website that shares Maggie’s story! Kelli actually pointed it out to me: You know, the first time I was looking through your blog I noticed on the right a link called “Maggie’s story”. I didn’t think much about it at the time, but I was just back looking through your blog and decided to see what it was about, since I also had an Aby named Maggie. It turns out, it was the link to my Maggie’s story! There used to be a link to the video tribute of her on that page, but for some reason it’s no longer there so I thought I’d share the link with you so you can see more pics of my beautiful girl.

At the time, I felt I needed to do something to honor her memory as she was the love of my life. FIP is such an awful disease and I hope neither of us ever have to experience that again.

Amen to that! But isn’t it funny how small and intertwined the Aby world is?