Other People’s Abys – Tales from the Aby front line

These are just a few stories that were posted to one of the Aby lists I subscribe to; they made me laugh when I read them, so I just had to share them here. Personally, these are the reasons that I love Abyssinians so much.

Chris from Merrydancer is the breeder of my kitten Cassie. Chris kept one of Cassie’s littermates, Querty, and recently I received this message from her:

“I think Querty is the ‘bounciest’ kitten we’ve ever bred! As soon as she realises one of us is on the computer, she’s there, trying to grab fingers, walk on keys, throw paper on the floor, knock the pens on the floor, and guess what – she’s just come back LOL! She’s a complete nut case LOL! I end up trying to type with one hand while my other hand is being ‘mauled’ in an attempt to keep her away from the keys.”

Cassie is exactly the same as Querty – she adores the laptop and tries to catch the cursor from the screen and from behind it! I’m only able to type at the moment because Phil is brushing her and she’s ecstatic!!! She would spend hours playing “fetch” if we were prepared to keep at it and we have balls of paper scattered throughout the house! She also likes socks! Any socks that she finds (ie Phil’s that haven’t quite made it to the washing basket), she takes for a walk. I usually find them either on the stairs or the door mat.

Cereal bowls send her into a head-butting frenzy and I either have to shut her out of the room or try to eat and keep the bowl and spoon out of her reach. If I don’t, I get covered in cereal as she head butts them!

She’s very much a morning cat and spends most mornings running, chasing something or following me around the house. She slumps around lunchtime and finally goes to sleep. From late afternoon onwards it’s a mixture of playing and sleeping and then, when we go to bed, it’s “let’s chase the other cats and play-fight” time plus a bit more “fetch.” Phil has been known to sit in bed and throw paper balls through the bedroom door onto the landing to try to tire her out!! He gets tired before she does though!

Merrydancer is a VERY accurate prefix!!

This, of course, prompted other stories. Stories like this one, about Amber and Spike, who evidently think they’re starving to death.

Our cat, Amber, loves cereals too. But what she loves even more is waiting for me to drink from a cup of coffee then headbutting my elbow. I’ve been late to work twice now because I’ve not noticed her and had to change my shirt!

She’s got favourite toys that we find in our bed. And over Christmas she took a dislike to one of two identical Xmas stockings. How she could tell them apart is anyone’s guess, but she only hissed at one of them!! But we love her all the more for it:-)

Spike on the other hand is pretty normal. Unless we give him some meat. Then he starts growling with pleasure constantly. How a cat can growl while chewing and swallowing is anyone’s guess, but he can!!

Which prompted this story of mice and Abys:

Oh LOL! They are just so funny. Some of ours bring me mice to throw for them to fetch, but when Jessica did that, and I threw it for her she looked absolutely offended! She comes up to me with a little squeak and presents it at my feet and I’ve realised now that it’s a present and she thought I was throwing it away before! So now I say thank you and pick it up instead!

So of course I had to share my favourite story about Jacoby:

Jacoby is the first cat I’ve known who understood technicalities and loopholes. Now, the fact that cats understand words is no surprise; after all, their “meows” are an attempt to imitate us, since they don’t meow to each other.

But Jake…he takes it to a whole new level.

Our cats are not supposed to go on the kitchen counters. And they know this. And three of our four (including another Aby) rarely – if ever – go up there. But Jake spends as much time on the countertops as he does on the floors or on the bed. And when I tell him, “Get off the counter!” he does.

He gets right off the counter…and right onto the Foreman grill. Or onto the toaster oven. Or onto the microwave. Whatever’s handy. And then he looks at me, like, “What? I’m off the counter!”

Any stories out there you’d like to share? Lay them on me!

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