Aby-a-Day – February 16: Life is like a box of catnip chocolates

Thanks to Moderncat, the kitties got a marvelous treat for Valentine’s Day this year: Felted wool catnip candy from Etsy seller Mycrobe!


You saw Jake with the box yesterday; it was tied up in strands of green, purple, pink and red yarn for each of my four Valentines.



Jacoby thought the box was his present. He was having a pretty good time just playing with that; I guess he could smell the catnip right through the cardboard.


Once it was open, it was even better…although Tessie came and stuck her nose in before Jake could.


You can see Jake’s annoyance; I think he is thinking, “What would Sparkle do?”


That’s right, Jake! Take back the catnip!


Jake really liked his minty-green piece.


Angel was intrigued as well.



She seemed to really enjoy her little purple-topped piece.


Tessie wanted all the pieces, but only the red one was hers. I love the little “sampler guide” that came inside the box (they’re all labelled as “catnip”)!




Kylie loved her little pink chocolate…


…So much so that Tessie decided she wanted that one instead of her own, because obviously Kylie’s piece was better!


Kylie was very protective of her Valentine, however, and managed to keep Tessie away from it.

And if you want to have some catnip candy fun, don’t despair! Valentine’s Day may be over, but there’s still Purim, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter to look forward to!

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