Aby in Pajamas

I love this embroidered Abyssinian I found on Etsy the other day…


It’s an Aby in pajamas! And just look at his face! The seller, Creature Creations 4 U, has all sorts of cat and dog breed designs, but this Aby just enchants me, and I wanted to share it with you.

Now I just have to think of something to put it on…

Aby-a-Day – March 2: Going to the (weiner) dogs (Fashion Friday)

I get a long of questions about the best harness to use on a cat. And I have a lot of answers to that. Because I’ve tried a lot of harnesses. And one thing I’ve discovered is, the smarter, more athletic and more often you put any given harness on any given cat, the better-designed that harness has to be.


If you have a sedate cat who only wears a harness to ride in the car that he is carried to and from, pretty much any harness will do, because it’s just there as an extra handle in case of emergency.

But if you have a clever cat, like an Aby, the likelihood that he’ll engineer a way to get out of that harness if he felt like it. And once a cat gets out of a hanress, you’ll have to throw it out, because has just been made useless.


And if you have a strong cat, you need a harness that fits well, and doesn’t put too much stress on his neck and throat. Because cats have a vestigial clavicle (if they have one at all), their necks and neck muscles are not as strong as those of a dog or a horse. If you have a cat who’s a puller, and a harness that doesn’t distribute the weight properly, you’re going to have a gasping kitty.


Furthermore, if you live in a place that gets cold weather and you have a cat who goes outside in that cold weather, you need a harness that also acts as a coat to keep your cat warm, because a harness and a coat is really pretty awkward.


Where is this going, you ask? I’m not sure exactly how I found it, but I discovered the Hug-a-Dog harness made and sold by Dachshund Delights. And don’t let the name fool you; their harnesses aren’t just for Doxies!


These harnesses are completely customised for your pet. You give them the measurements for the neck, chest (and length if it’s a coat), you select the colour of the mesh, fabric and trim, you choose whether to add an extra D-ring for tags, a pocket for ID, a patch or reflective trim, and you can also have your pet’s name embroidered onto the harness. They also ask you for the breed of your dog or cat, so that besides the measurements, they have a sort of mental picture of the body shape the harness or coat is meant to fit. This is key, I’ve found, for cat harnesses; cats have much more slender chests and shoulders than dogs do.


I had to get Jacoby a coat and a harness for his birthday, which is in April. Because of the cat show tomorrow, he’s getting them a month and a half early.


They have a really good selection of colours and prints for both the harnesses/coats and the trim, and the workmanship is exquisite.


This is the belly Velcro closure on the coat, and you can see how well-sewn it is. I wish you could see how plush the fleece lining is! I am, however, going to move that buckle from the neck to the belly and just sew the neck shut. Dachshunds may need more reinforcement around the neck, but cats don’t need it there so much as they do around the chest/belly area.


Here’s the back, showing the custom name embroidery along with the leash D-ring, the soft fleece collar and the reflective strip.


The coat and harness also match the SturdiProducts Incognito carrier he got for Christmas.


Which means they also coordinate nicely with the interior furnishings of his Studi pop-up show cage. Or, as we like to call it, “Jake’s mancave.”


See what I mean?


Jake just cracks me up. He is so totally posing for these photos, isn’t he?


Oh, what a ham!