Aby-a-Day – March 3: And off to the show we’ll go

Wow. TICA is…different. It’s amazing. We started late, did eight rings, and still managed to finish bang on 5pm.


Another thing they do is, when you check in, you get your catalog and you get a rosette for each cat with a little card the show name on it. And then, as you make finals, you get another little card with the judge’s name and the award won. So you get one rosette per show, with everything you accomplished right there on that ribbon. It makes the rings a little less festive, because they don’t have all the day’s ribbons on display, but it does make packing up easier!


Then, too, TICA recognises some breeds that CFA doesn’t.


Like Bengals!


And Munchkins!


This is only the second Munchkin I’ve ever seen in real life (the first was at Pet City in Tokyo).


And they also recognise some colours that CFA doesn’t, like this Silver Cinnamon Somali. So it’s a bit like going to England; people speak the same language, but they drive on the other side of the road and they use some different words for things.

So, how did Jacoby do at his first day of his first TICA show?


In his first ring, a shorthair specialty ring judged by Brenda Russo, he was 5th Best Shorthair Alter. Brenda asked me his lines, and when I mentioned Instincts, she told me she knows Chris! The Aby world is small, my friends.


The next ring he finalled in, there were too many boycats, so three of us had to sit with our cats in the audience. Thank goodness there was a kind stranger to take photos for me!


Jake was Alberto Leal’s 8th Best Allbreed Alter. And he sat very nicely throughout the final, too.


And then, in Solveig Pflueger’s ring, he was named 7th Best Allbreed Alter.


Not bad for his first show. I’m not entirely sure what it all means, pointwise, but here were 18 shorthair alters and 36 alters today. However, tomorrow is another day. Literally. Today, Jake was the only ruddy Abyssinian alter, but tomorrow he will have competition: Supreme Grand Champion Alter Pentaclecats Dexter Morgan. So, stay tuned tomorrow, Abyfriends, and find out what happens when a Red Sox star base-stealer meets a serial killer!