Aby-a-Day – March 4: The results are in…

Today was interesting. Really interesting. This was the first time Jacoby had direct, head-to-head, peer competition in a cat show. In every other show he’s done, he was either the only Aby, period, or he was the only Ruddy Aby male. He’s had it easy, really. But not today. Today, he was up against a real killer: Supreme Grand Champion Alter Pentaclecats Dexter Morgan. Just over a year old and starting out fresh, the first time I saw Dexter this morning, he was in a judging cage dancing in circles. Literally. He was in the plain white cage chasing his tail like a maniac.


Meanwhile, Jake was in “second-day-show” mode, also known as, “Oh, this again?” He wasn’t really bad-tempered…but honestly, the more times he got dragged out of a cage to get into another cage, the more happy he was to just stay in the cage he was in, thank you. Once he was out of a cage, he was fine, and he’d stand there and pose all day while the judges inspected him…but getting him out of that cage got harder and harder as the day went on. He was holding onto the bars of the judging cages with all four of his Aby grabby hands and feet when the judges went to get him.


Then, when the judges do that thing where they’re deciding between who’s going to be first in class and who’s going to be second, and they step back and wave a feather or a wand toy to see which cat just stands out the most to them, Jake doesn’t ever really react. Maybe if they’d wave a sandwich at him, they’d get a response, but at shows, Jake’s just not big into toys. He doesn’t even play with them when I rattle them at him.


So, end of the day, Dexter was best of class and best of division in six of the eight rings, and Dexter made two Allbreed finals, finishing 8th Best Alter and 7th Best Alter. But in two rings, Jake was best of class and division, and that’s pretty great considering he’s a TICA novice. And it’s interesting that Dexter finished in the same places, 7th and 8th, that Jake finished in yesterday. In fact, Alberto Leal placed Jake 8th in his ring yesterday, and Dexter 8th in his ring today. Interesting, eh?


But poor Jakey! He didn’t just do the show. He also met a lot of little kids (and adults) who wanted to meet a real live Abyssinian or pet a real live show cat. I also let him walk around a little on his leash a couple of times today, too, because he gets so tired of being carried everywhere. And I totally can’t blame him for that, either. We went to look at the Pet Expo, too…and I promise plenty of photos to come…but not tonight.


Because tonight, we’re all just ready to crash.