Aby-a-Day – March 18: The Wearing of the Green

One day a year, our neighbourhood goes just a little bit crazy.




Every year, on the Sunday closest to St. Patrick’s Day, all the rest of Boston descends on Southie for Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


Even St. Patrick himself showed up!


Bet you’ve never seen an Irish Viking before, have you?


This police officer really got into the spirit of things. He even dyed his mustache green!


There were plenty of dogs watching the parade (including our neighbour, Arthur the Puggle), but I’m pretty sure Jake was the only cat in attendance.


This was the first time since living in South Boston that I decided to brave the crowds and go downstairs to see how bad it really was. Since it was an incredibly nice day (the best we’ve had so far this year), I took Jacoby with me.


(Thanks to the random paradegoer who took this photo of us!)


He did very well with all the people; the thing he cared for the least was the drums.


I have to say, though, that he was rather bemused by the crowd outside his front door.


It looks like he’s telling those damn kids to get off his lawn, doesn’t it?


Our building is at Ground Zero for the parade; the driveway between our building and the (pardon the expression) green building next door is used as one of the staging areas for the parade.


However, being at the start of the parade route means that if you’re trying to go somewhere in Boston away from Southie, it’s fairly easy to get out of the area (as long as you’re walking, not driving). Because it was such a warm spring afternoon, I took Jake out to the Harborwalk for our first trip to the park.


The street in front of the Welder’s place and Gillette’s parking lot are other staging areas for the parade.



Jake and I saw these Irish Setters getting ready for the parade when we cut through the parking lot on our way to the park.


Once we got past Gillette, the Harborwalk and the parks (we went to Wormwood and Binford) were remarkably quiet and empty considering the weather.


We had a wonderful time outside today.


Angel, too, celebrated St. Patrick’s day, in her own way.


She watched the parade live, on television!

Other People’s Abys: Kitticraft’s South African Abys on Moderncat

This is awesome.

Yesterday, Moderncat featured some amazing new cat furniture from a company in South Africa. But even more interesting than the furniture (which is amazing…but only shipping to South Africa for the time being) is the furniture’s models, Moon and Kiara.

From the Kitticraft website: “Back in September 2011 we arranged to adopt a (yet to be born) Abyssinian kitten and as any reputable breeder will insist, the kittens were only allowed to move to their new homes after they had reached the crucial age of 12 weeks. That put the adoption time around late December 2011. As we all know, there is nothing that makes time move slower than having to wait a long time for that very special something or someone…

We had to do something to make time move faster, after all we still had another 3 months to get through, but what could possibly make 3 months pass quicker?

It started with kitten proofing the house, slowly, we had to pace ourselves, but predictably with all the excitement, kitten proofing was complete in a matter of hours. So the next logical thing to do was equip our future child with everything she would possibly need…

…There was only one solution, if we were to get modern sophisticated furniture, worthy of a sophisticated baby, we had to make it ourselves.

And so KittiCraft was born…

The 3 months passed (not as quickly as we would have liked), but on the 9th of December 2011, we went to collect our baby Blue Abyssinian kitten, who we named Moon. But wait there’s more! Moon had a Ruddy half-sister 10 days older, who was just too adorable to leave behind, so Kiara came home with us on the same day.”


“Moon and Kiara are now the official KittiCraft Beta Testers, stringently testing each and every design to make sure that its acceptable. Follow their daily antics on their very own Twitter accounts at @MoonKittiCraft and @KiaraKittiCraft”

How cute are they?

Other People’s Abys: The Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook

If you want to see some amazing and wonderful Abyssinian photos, you really need to check out the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook. Now, I’m not really big on Facebook; I have an account but I don’t really use it for much apart from playing Draw Something with my sister, voting for HeeJun Han on American Idol, and mirroring my Daily Abyssinian posts. But I have to say, the Abyssinian Cat Club is pretty awesome. It’s got lively discussion and wonderful photos. I highly recommend it as a source of photos.

Here’s a sample:

See what I mean??