Meeting the Mooners at the Crab and Mallet

My sister lives in Baltimore, and I went to visit her the same weekend that the Crab & Mallet CFA show was being held in town. Originally, I had hoped to enter Jacoby, as that is a well-known show with a lot of entries and “famous” cats and cat people in attendance.


In the end, Jake and I went to the TICA show in Providence instead, but my sister and I went to the Crab and Mallet show as spectators on Sunday afternoon.


As soon as we walked in the door, we saw a sleek, steel-blue form in a harness greeting people at the entry tables. My sister called me over, and as she was telling me, “Look!” I heard the name “Twyla.” (These photos, I think, are Racy. Twyla was wearing a little walking jacket, but none of the photos of her really came out well, sadly).


“Whoa, wait a minute,” I said. “Did you say her name was TWYLA??”


And then followed the leash up to the person at the other end of it and asked again, “Did you say Twyla?”


And the woman with the blue Aby said, “Yes! This is Twyla.”


And I said, “Oh, hi! I’m Coco. From the Daily Abyssinian!”


And she said, “Hi! I’m Lisa-Maria!”


And then Lisa-Maria led my sister and me over to her benching area, where Twyla’s daughter Racy Mooner and her grandson, Banjo Mooner, were hanging out.


(You may want to go back and refer to my previous posts about the Mooners.)


All three of these Abys are just amazing. Busy show hall, second day, and they’re still playing with toys, rolling over for treats and just showing off all over the place. It was awesome.


It seemed like it happened as soon as we met, but Banjo was called up to a final in Nancy Dodds’ ring.


He looks a little crabby about having to stop playing in this photo, doesn’t he?


He waited patiently (well, as patiently as an Aby can be expected to wait) for his rosette.



As it happened, he was Nancy’s Best Cat in Premiership!


No sooner had Lisa-Maria taken Banjo back to his cage, but Racy was called to a final in Gene Darrah’s ring.


She, too, had to wait her turn.


But when her turn came, she was awarded Best Shorthair Premier and Best Allbreed Premier!


Look at her schmoozing!


Isn’t she adorable?


Back at the benching area, she was clearly very pleased with herself!


“I did good, right, Mom?”


Eventually, I had to tear myself from the Mooners and go see all the other cats at the show. There were 24 HHPs entered (more than I’ve ever seen at a New England show), including this pretty brown ticked tabby named “MyAbby.”


I suspect this is what Abys looked like 150 years ago when the breed first started.


I thought this black Oriental Shorthair was so handsome. And I love his name, too: GPR Kat-Tres Dashiell Hammett.


I have to show you this little man, though. He was just four months old (the youngest a kitten can be to enter a show) and he was adorable.  I got to hold him (that’s my shoulder he’s flopped on)!


He’s a European Burmese called Bijouxcats Dewey. Tessie actually has Bijouxcats European Burmese in her pedigree (Her paternal great-great-grandmother was Bijouxcats Krystal SheerRose of Bes, and if you look at the EuroBurm section of the Bijouxcats website, you’ll see a photo of GC Bes Payton of Bijouxcats, International BOB 2002 – Bes is the cattery Tessie is from!), so they may be distantly related.  He really did remind me of Tessie, though. Such a little sleepy sweetheart..!

I thought I saw some Somalis, too, but I wasn’t able to get photos of them as people were packing up; I was pretty impressed that the show was pretty much over and packed up by 5pm!  There were a lot of great vendors at this show, and Chanan was there, too. Next year, I really want to go to this show as an exhibitor, because it’s every bit as good as I’ve always heard.

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Other People’s Abys – Another update on Allie

AbyFriend Kelli sent me another update on Allie the kitten this morning.


She is such a mess, into absolutely everything! I’ve started calling her “Gator” as a nickname, as in “Allie-gator.” 🙂 It works well because she is obsessed with water, always playing in the running faucets. She is just a doll, but she’s also the Aby in charge around my house. LOL.

Every time I hear about Allie, I can’t help but smile!