Abys in Need: St. Anne and Jared again…Plus Simba & Beau in New York and Sammi & Lexi in Florida

Every so often, I search Petfinder for “Abyssinians.” Most of the cats that come up with that keyword aren’t actually Abys, but there are some. And, sadly, some of them are cats I’ve seen on there before.

Like poor Jared! I posted about Jared in May 2010, and he’s still looking for a forever home. And now, as then, he has Feline Leukemia Virus, issues with his eyes and has limited vision but his spirit is very much intact. This boy is such a character, he will do all sorts of tricks for attention. He plays like no one’s business. He doesn’t realize he is sick and besides his eyes, you can’t tell either. HELP will cover all his medical expenses for his lifetime, if you will just give him the chance he deserves, he deserves his own family. Jared was born, they think, in January 2009 and, almost two years later he’s still in a foster home.


I have to admit, I was extremely surprised (and not a little shocked) to see St. Anne on Petfinder. I’m sure you all remember St. Anne, and I know several people asked about her and contacted her “owner”…but somehow, for whatever reason, she’s still looking for a home and now she’s on Petfinder. I really don’t know what to think about that.


Then we have two brothers and two sisters! The two brothers, Simba and Beau are in Albany, NY, and would love to be placed together, but the shelter understands that may not be possible so they can also be adopted separately. Their owner, who had them since they were kittens, passed away and now they need a new home.


Simba is a 14 year old male ruddy/usual Abyssinian, and


Beau, who looks like a black silver, is a 10 year old male Aby. Both brothers are neutered, FeLV/FIV negative and up to date on vaccines. Both of them very affectionate, playful and love to have people around. They are great with children, too but the shelter isn’t sure how they would be around other cats or dogs since they’ve only been with each other for their whole lives.

For info or to adopt Beau and/or Simba, please contact Susie Burnett at jake1@nycap.rr.com or call her at 518-462-8575.


Finally, we have Sammi and Lexi, two sisters in Wildwood, Florida. Sammi (who I think is the ruddy/usual girl) is 7 years old and is a very affectionate cat who will sit up at her perch (designated as “her space”) and greet visitors at the shelter. She is a cat that needs to be in a house with few cats as she does not bond with other cats or dogs. She likes to be brushed and probably will be a good companion.


Her sister Lexi (and, I think, the blue) is 5 years old and is living in a foster home rather than at the shelter with her sister. She has settled in well there and sleeps with her foster mom and has the run of the house. So, while she seems shy in the photo, you can see how much a little extra attention and love will affect a cat. It doesn’t say why these two girls are looking for a new home, but they are both spayed and up-to-date on their vaccinations. For more information, contact the Wildwood Ranch Cat Rescue of Central Florida at 352-748-5260.

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