Must Love Cats – Submit your feline fashion plates

I hope it’s not too late, but I literally just found out about this today.

On Animal Planet’s website, in the section for the show “Must Love Cats,” I found this:

In honor of the fourth episode, we want you to send in photos of your cat dressed in their finest gear. Ties? Yes! Hats? Why not? Dresses, costumes and other fun items? We want to see them! Send in your photos now! (Email us at with the subject “Must Love Cats”!)

They want photos of a cat dressed up? Yeah, I think I can help them out with that. I had to limit myself to only 6 photos…

They say it’s in honour of the fourth episode of the new season, which is, well, the day after tomorrow (Saturday, 31 March), but the website doesn’t specify a deadline to send in photos, so I figured that all of you might like to send in some photos of your own (Clancy, Finnegan, and Toki, I’m looking at you)!

And hey, if the photos intrigue them and they want to have John Fulton come and meet Jake on camera? Well, I wouldn’t say no to that.

(In case you’re wondering, I just watched the MLC episode featuring cats in the UK, which had a feature on the “Bionic Vet” Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick, the man behind Oscar the cat’s back feet. Other patients of Dr. Fitzpatrick were shown on this episode, including a red/sorrel Somali named Pip who’d had a knee replacement due to bone cancer. I was trying to find out more about Pip for you, since he’s a Somali…but I was not able to find anything about him, not even a still photo. I’ll keep looking, though. It’s a rare day when my Google-fu fails me!)

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