Aby-a-Day – March 18: The Wearing of the Green

One day a year, our neighbourhood goes just a little bit crazy.




Every year, on the Sunday closest to St. Patrick’s Day, all the rest of Boston descends on Southie for Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.


Even St. Patrick himself showed up!


Bet you’ve never seen an Irish Viking before, have you?


This police officer really got into the spirit of things. He even dyed his mustache green!


There were plenty of dogs watching the parade (including our neighbour, Arthur the Puggle), but I’m pretty sure Jake was the only cat in attendance.


This was the first time since living in South Boston that I decided to brave the crowds and go downstairs to see how bad it really was. Since it was an incredibly nice day (the best we’ve had so far this year), I took Jacoby with me.


(Thanks to the random paradegoer who took this photo of us!)


He did very well with all the people; the thing he cared for the least was the drums.


I have to say, though, that he was rather bemused by the crowd outside his front door.


It looks like he’s telling those damn kids to get off his lawn, doesn’t it?


Our building is at Ground Zero for the parade; the driveway between our building and the (pardon the expression) green building next door is used as one of the staging areas for the parade.


However, being at the start of the parade route means that if you’re trying to go somewhere in Boston away from Southie, it’s fairly easy to get out of the area (as long as you’re walking, not driving). Because it was such a warm spring afternoon, I took Jake out to the Harborwalk for our first trip to the park.


The street in front of the Welder’s place and Gillette’s parking lot are other staging areas for the parade.



Jake and I saw these Irish Setters getting ready for the parade when we cut through the parking lot on our way to the park.


Once we got past Gillette, the Harborwalk and the parks (we went to Wormwood and Binford) were remarkably quiet and empty considering the weather.


We had a wonderful time outside today.


Angel, too, celebrated St. Patrick’s day, in her own way.


She watched the parade live, on television!

Other People’s Abys: Kitticraft’s South African Abys on Moderncat

This is awesome.

Yesterday, Moderncat featured some amazing new cat furniture from a company in South Africa. But even more interesting than the furniture (which is amazing…but only shipping to South Africa for the time being) is the furniture’s models, Moon and Kiara.

From the Kitticraft website: “Back in September 2011 we arranged to adopt a (yet to be born) Abyssinian kitten and as any reputable breeder will insist, the kittens were only allowed to move to their new homes after they had reached the crucial age of 12 weeks. That put the adoption time around late December 2011. As we all know, there is nothing that makes time move slower than having to wait a long time for that very special something or someone…

We had to do something to make time move faster, after all we still had another 3 months to get through, but what could possibly make 3 months pass quicker?

It started with kitten proofing the house, slowly, we had to pace ourselves, but predictably with all the excitement, kitten proofing was complete in a matter of hours. So the next logical thing to do was equip our future child with everything she would possibly need…

…There was only one solution, if we were to get modern sophisticated furniture, worthy of a sophisticated baby, we had to make it ourselves.

And so KittiCraft was born…

The 3 months passed (not as quickly as we would have liked), but on the 9th of December 2011, we went to collect our baby Blue Abyssinian kitten, who we named Moon. But wait there’s more! Moon had a Ruddy half-sister 10 days older, who was just too adorable to leave behind, so Kiara came home with us on the same day.”


“Moon and Kiara are now the official KittiCraft Beta Testers, stringently testing each and every design to make sure that its acceptable. Follow their daily antics on their very own Twitter accounts at @MoonKittiCraft and @KiaraKittiCraft”

How cute are they?

Other People’s Abys: The Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook

If you want to see some amazing and wonderful Abyssinian photos, you really need to check out the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook. Now, I’m not really big on Facebook; I have an account but I don’t really use it for much apart from playing Draw Something with my sister, voting for HeeJun Han on American Idol, and mirroring my Daily Abyssinian posts. But I have to say, the Abyssinian Cat Club is pretty awesome. It’s got lively discussion and wonderful photos. I highly recommend it as a source of photos.

Here’s a sample:

See what I mean??

Aby a Day – March 17: Erin Go Bragh!

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, kind of a big deal here in South Boston.


Of course Jacoby is in the St. Patty’s Day spirit. He wore his shamrock tie today.


While out shopping, I found a bit of St. Patrick’s Day decorations and brought it home for Jake.


I thought he’d like it.



I was right! He did like it.


A lot. Later, he changed into his Celtics jersey (the Celtics are kind of a go-to for St. Patrick’s Day attire around here).


And why wouldn’t it be? Green (the only Boston sports team to use green), shamrocks, what more could you want, right?


Of course, those sparkly shamrocks I found for him were still around…


…Jake had separated them from their wire, but he had not vanquished them altogether.




Jake could not let them survive!




Take that, shamrock!

Aby-a-Day – March 16: Cautiously playful (Friday Flashback)

When we first brought Angel home, she was very nervous. We didn’t have the two tall cat trees then, and the only two places she really felt safe were the sofa and the bed.


But when she was on one of those two “safe places,” she felt completely safe.








(You might notice that Angel feels so secure playing on the sofa that she doesn’t even notice that she’s got a white-eared audience watching her and her toy!)




This wand toy was one of Gun-Hee’s favourites. Not only does it catch the light as it moves, but it makes a very satisfying “swooshing” sound when you wave it through the air.





Because of this, it quickly became one of Angel’s favourite toys, too.



Angel had only been living with us for about a month and a half when these photos were taken, so she was still pretty skittish; in fact, we kept her sequestered in the bedroom away from the other girls when we weren’t home. It was fun to see her play with complete abandon like this.

Other People’s Abys – Muri and Björk on Cheezburger again

For a week that started out sunny and warm but ended up cold and clammy, I was delighted to see another animated gif of Muri the Abyssinian and Björk on I Can Has Cheezburger this morning.

Don’t be mad at your Aby significant other, Björk!

Then there’s the flipside, from the end of the video: Don’t be mad at your human significant other, Muri!

Aby-a-Day – March 15: Truces are temporary

Yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday photo was a lucky shot on my part. I only had time to get that one…


…because it didn’t last!


Angel prefers to eat alone.

Aby-a-Day – March 14: Wordless Wednesday (Mealtime truce?)


Aby-a-Day – March 13: Just call him Mr. Dressup (Cartoon Tuesday)

People often ask me how the other cats feel about Jacoby getting all the attention, especially when I dress him up.


Honestly? I think they’re cool with it.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

(And in case those of you not from the Great White North are wondering who Mr. Dressup is…)

Aby-a-Day – March 12: Yes, we still have a hallway (Hipstamatic Monday)

I guess it has been a while since I’ve shared any photos of Jacoby running in the hallway.


We still do, every couple of days…I just don’t always bring my camera or my phone along.


I wish I knew what was so exciting about romping around the hallway…all of our cats really seem to love it. And they’re not the only cats who like this, apparently; just last month, a new video of Oskar the blind cat and his buddy Klaus was added to their YouTube channel showing them running in the hallway of their building!




Jake is so funny to watch trot-trot-trotting in the hallway.



He’s so businesslike, striding purposefully to our door.


Here it is! We’re home!

Aby-a-Day – March 11: “Judge not, lest you yourself be judged” isn’t really relevant when you’re a cat…

I have always liked watching cat show judges at work.


I have always wanted to be a judge…but I think you generally have to be a breeder, first.


Of course, I’ve always wanted to be one of those, too.


But I’m always captivated by watching the judges handle and interact with the cats.





This is Jacoby being examined by one judge, Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz, last weekend.


While I mostly watch the first three letters of the Shorthair Premier/Alter judging, I try to check out other rings. This is the Championship Aby judging.


Granted, it looks pretty similar, but it’s different.


This is a Championship Bengal (notice our Somali friend in the back, watching).



Despite being a tomcat, this guy was a sweetie.


I like watching the judging because it’s also a chance to see the cats out of a cage, like the silver Somali.


This Maine Coon alter was another great cat. I think he was in every final that Jake was in.


Here’s our little neighbour Sally the Sphinx being judged.


You see silver classic tabby American Shorthairs on television in cat food commercials and Saturday Night Live skits* all the time, but you don’t actually see them that often in cat shows these days.


This guy was stunning.


There was also an all-white American Shorthair in the Alter class. Look at this guy’s head! You can definitely tell that Kylie is not really related to American Shorthairs as her body type is so very different.


When you see all the different cats a judge has to evaluate, it makes you kind of relieved to be associated with only one or two breeds.

*While looking for a Toonces clip…look what else I found! And his name is Deiter! I wonder if he has a monkey?

Aby-a-Day – March 10: The wonderful world of TICA

I also wanted to share the TICA experience. It was, as I said, different. Different breeds of cats, a slightly different style of showing, and a slightly different overall personality. Not bad, just different. Kind of like when you live in either the US or Canada and go to the other country; we speak the same language (apart from that whole “couch/chesterfield” thing), we watch the same television shows, but we use different money and do our everyday things just a little bit differently.


I like different. I’m a Gemini; different is awesome.


It was also a lot of fun to see Munchkins, Bengals, Savannahs and Toygers, since those aren’t recognised by CFA. Savannahs, in fact, on January 28th 2012, TICA accepted the Savannah as a championship breed, so this was actually one of the breed’s first “real” shows.


Animal Planet has a new episode of Too Cute Kittens with Savannah kittens, and it aired for the first time on the Saturday night of the cat show. I was talking to a woman with Savannah kittens on Sunday, and it turns out that those are her kittens on the program. So now I’ve met two of the breeders who have been featured on Too Cute! Kittens, the Abyssinians who were bred by Instincts (breeders of Jacoby’s mother Catalina), and now I’ve met the Savannahs, too.


This is Janet with one of her kittens. As I’ve been telling the Pouponette’s Number 1, my camera has been having issues lately…the good photo I took of her wasn’t saved by the camera, unfortunately, so this is the best I have.


This is an adult Savannah named Jordache.


He and his human were wearing coordinated outfits!


This is one of the Toygers that was at the show. I’d never seen a Toyger in person before.


But last weekend, I got to see two!


I never saw a Bengal in person, either. This was a Champion Bengal next to a really pretty little fawn Aby girl.


She was adorable!


There were also two ruddy Championship Abyssinians in the show.


And this incredible Silver Cinnamon Somali.


He was so gorgeous.


And good-natured!


This Siamese was actually a Household Pet.


Every time I saw this little Japanese Bobtail, I was reminded of Eyebrow Kitteh. His people actually hadn’t seen Eyebrow Kitteh…I’m sure they thought I was strange.


Dexter’s person had the most spectacular tattoo of her red/sorrel Aby…it’s certainly gotten me to thinking!


And we also saw this little lilac European Burmese. It was funny, because Jacoby saw her first and he just kind of stared at her. I’m sure he thought she was Tessie at first, and he was just fascinated with her. It was really funny.

As I said yesterday, there was also a Pet Expo going on (the cat show was a part of the larger Expo), and we had a lot of spectators coming through both days. Everyone was really well-mannered, for the most part; people asked sensible questions and the children were polite. Sometimes when there are a lot of what we used to call “Mundanes” when I was in the SCA walking around, I get nervous for my belongings; the more people who pass by your encampment, the more likely it is that something of yours may evolve legs and walk away. But I didn’t hear of any missing belongings either of the two days, which is wonderful!


We had a lot of attention around Jake’s house, because we were benched next to the only Sphynx at the show, and the kids all loved Sally.


Her people, Laurie and Michael, let the kids touch her so they would know what a hairless cat felt like.


I actually had to take her up to a ring while they were at lunch! I’ve petted Sphynxes before, but I’d never shown one…that was an interesting experience. I said it was like driving someone else’s car; I was familiar with the process, but everything was just slightly off.


I like having little kids (and older girls) come by to see Jake. I always talk to them and let them pet a real live show cat; I was just like them when I was their age, and I would have been over the moon if I’d have been allowed to touch a real show Aby when I was 12. I would have been too shy to even ask, so I really enjoy talking to kids about the cat show, Jake, and the whole show experience because I see myself in those kids. I found an article for cat show exhibitors on a Persian and Exotic breeder’s website which, personally, says everything I want to say and more; it’s a brilliant essay.


I also have Jake’s TokiPoki cards, and tiny “rock band buttons” with his name and photo on them that I give away to the really good cat-crazy kids. Those are very popular; sometimes the parents want one, too! A lot of the cat people at shows can be a little preoccupied and a lot of us deal better with cats than with people (myself included), so I always try to remember what I felt like when I just came to look at cat shows, before I was actually involved with them.


The Expo itself had a lot of booths with all sorts of pet-related products. I bought a totebag with “I Love My Abyssinian” on it (and it had green handles, too!) from Klondike Stuff embroidery, and the owner came over to me and said, “Thank you for buying a totebag.” I grinned and said, “Thank you for having a totebag with an Aby on it!”


I also got this little grey hand towel from her. It’s supposed to be a “Yoga Cat,” but I think she looks like a fawn Aby.

Another cool thing about Expos like this is that you get introduced to new products, like the new walnut-shell litter that Blue just came out with. The Northeast sales rep himself (I think his name is Greg) came around to all of us exhibitors and extolled the virtues of this new litter – and also gave us a bag to try out!

I haven’t tried it yet, but apparently nut shells in general, and especially walnut shells, have amazing ammonia gas and odor-neutralising properties. During WWI, they were used in gas masks because walnut shells were super-effective against mustard gas. According to Greg, this was discovered by accident when gas masks were stored in a shed that was broken into by squirrels, who stored walnuts inside the gas masks. When they were testing the gas masks for effectiveness against mustard gas, the men who had gas masks with walnuts in them were fine, but those without the walnuts passed out. And, as anyone who’s ever read a label on a bottle of bleach or ammonia knows, mustard gas is ammonia-based, just like cat urine. So it should work really well on cat box odor, and I’m very interested to try it!


I’m sure Jake is, too. I just hope he doesn’t try to eat it like he did the corn-based World’s Best Litter!

Aby-a-Day – March 9: The Dachshund harnesses in action (Fashion Friday)

In last week’s Fashion Friday post, I had just received two custom-made Hug-a-Dog harnesses. They looked amazing on Jacoby, and he seemed to like them, too.


It was a rather chilly morning when we took the train to Providence, so Jake wore his coat.


He was warm and stylish.


I love his name on the back of the harness. Such a nice option to even have offered when ordering a harness!


Jake agrees with me!

On Sunday, we had a little downtime between getting to the show hall and the judging starting. Jake was a little antsy (he gets a bit tired of being carried everywhere at shows), so I put his harness on him and let him walk around.


At first, we just sort of puttered around the back of the hall, near our benching area (we were at the back, near an open space). We had wanted to walk in the foyer of the Convention Center, but some guy in the business center told me there were “no animals allowed in the public area.”


The foyer was completely empty; Jake just wanted to look out the floor-to-ceiling windows…but the foyer was carpeted, so I think the “no animals in the public area” thing was really “no animals on the carpet.” Whatever.


It seemed a little petty to me, but we stayed on the cement as commanded.


Then, my friend Laurie (who, with her husband Michael, was showing her little blue-cream and white tortie Sphynx and benched next to us) suggested we go next door to the Pet Expo part of the show. While the cat show started at 9am, the Pet Expo wasn’t open to the public until 11am, so we could go over there and explore before it got too crowded.


There was some sort of child beauty pageant going on, and this girl was in it.


I thought she was super cute, although she has more curlers in her hair than I’ve ever worn in my entire life.


There were also other animals at the Pet Expo. Like llamas…


…and goats…


Jake wasn’t entirely sure about those goats.


But the goats were curious about Jake!


There was even a goat on a leash, who was being introduced to a Basenji.


I would have gone up to them with Jake, but they seemed kind of busy.


The best part of going over to the Pet Expo side, though, was the dog agility course! Jake loved it.


But then, what Aby wouldn’t? It’s high, you can see everything, and it’s fun to climb.


Pretty much an Aby definition of awesome. One thing I really want to do with Jake is feline agility*, but we haven’t been to a show that was doing it yet.


Dog agility course furnishings are a lot bigger than the ones for felines, though.



Didn’t seem to bother Jake at all, though.


There was also a tunnel for the dogs to run through.


Pretty much the polar opposite of the A-frame, but still fun.


All in all, we spent about an hour over there, checking everything out, playing with the agility course, and talking to people and other animals. Jake met more dogs, too: a Papillon, two Golden Retrievers, and a Shar-Pei.


So, Jake’s Hug-a-Harnesses? Two paws up. There is one modification I’m thinking of doing to them for Jake, which is sewing the neck shut and putting the buckle on the belly Velcro©, because I find I tend to slip these over his head and only open and close the belly strap; if I do that, I’ll be sure to post photos…but first I need to outsmart my new sewing machine, which is smarter than I am.


* One note: if you follow that link to the NY Times’ article about feline agility, you’ll see a mention of “Twyla Mooner, a Bengal from Reston, Va., [who] is considered one of the greatest agility champions”. Yeah, we already know all about Twyla Mooner…and she is NOT a Bengal. She is a blue Abyssinian, thank you very much, and she is awesome at agility. So there, New York Times. You are incorrect.

Aby-a-Day – March 8: Downtime during the cat show

One thing that people don’t know about cats is, they love hotel rooms.


It’s really funny. I’ve heard this from a lot of people at cat shows, and I’ve seen it in my own cats. Something about a king-sized bed, institutional art, and a “do not disturb” door hanger really appeals to kitties.


I got Jacoby a large, leopard-print catnip kicker from one of the vendors and that + hotel room = crazy fun times for Jake.






Some combination of catnip and king-sized bed just really appealed to Jake; he was rolling and kicking like a mad thing!


Kick, kick, kick.


Bite, bite, bite.


Good times!


Eventually, Jake settled down and watched the latest episode of Too Cute! Kittens on Animal Planet with me.


Despite being around other cats all day long and having three feline roommates back at home, Jake was still captivated by the kittens’ onscreen antics.


Or…maybe he just wanted their toys..?

Aby-a-Day – March 7: The glamorous side of cat shows (Wordless Wednesday)




Aby-a-Day – March 6: Showtime! (Cartoon Tuesday)

There’s no business like show business…


…and it mostly involves a lot of cages, carrying and being admired.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Cousin Toki…on Failblog? Wait…what?

Not sure how this happened. Definitely a “good news/bad news” sort of thing: cousin Toki was featured on Failblog: Poorly Dressed yesterday.

Poorly dressed? Really? Considering Toki dresses better than most people at your average strip mall, I really wonder how, exactly, he is “poorly dressed.” And, word of warning, some of the comments on that Failblog entry are pretty crass; not exactly NC-17, but they’re definitely in “Two and a Half Men” territory. There is one, though, that calls him “Steve Jobs, reborn” which makes up for the rude ones.

But, yay, more international exposure? Even bad publicity is at least publicity? Right?

Aby-a-Day – March 5: “He loves going wherever trains are at” (Hipstamatic Monday)

Jacoby loves to ride the train. He’s been on the Commuter Rail a few times; we’ve gone to Mansfield and Providence for shows, and we’ve also met my husband in Natick for other trips. We also took a daytrip to Gloucester just for fun.


He doesn’t like to be in his carrier, though.


He wants to sit on a seat like everyone else.


And he does sit so nicely, too. Sometimes he looks out the window, and he’s always interested in the train’s stoppings and startings.


On the train home from Providence, we met the cutest little boy. He asked how old Jake was, and when I said he was almost three, the boy proudly told me he was four.


He meowed to Jake, and he also took his photo with his mom’s phone.


Of course, Jake posed for him! I told the little boy that I started taking photos when I was exactly his age, four years old, and I mostly took pictures of cats even then. And, I continued, I still take lots of photos, so he was starting on a long and happy hobby. I thought it was cool he wanted to take pictures of Jake. They weren’t bad, either. Kid’s got a good eye.


I think it’s awesome that the MBTA allows pets on the trains, both the T and the Commuter Rail. It makes life so much easier. I wish Amtrak would allow pets, too. I would probably take it a lot more often if they did, since taking trains with a cat is so much easier than flying these days.


And Jake really does enjoy it.


He is truly the King of the Rails!

Other People’s Abys – More Cat Show News

I got this email via one of the Aby lists I’m on, and it’s really awesome:

I AM SO EXCITED and happy to CONGRATULATE Lori McClain on her very first one show GRAND. Saika Shams Fawn Over Me, who came to the TGIF Show in Indy this weekend as an Open Premier and in 7 out of the 10 rings, before the show was even over, was a new GRAND PREMIER !!!

Lori is still on the road home, in shock, and I am the lucky one who got to a computer first to congratulate them both.

There is no reason to wait for Herman Online to check the points on this playful, happy, beautiful fawn Abyssinian neuter, because he had so many extra, even if there was a mistake in the count, he had more than enough to spare 🙂

(This is Saika Shams Lady in Blue, who I suspect is Fawn Over Me’s mother or grandmother.)

That’s brilliant! Fawn Over Me did in one single show what Jacoby took all last year to do! That’s just an incredible acheivement.

And (you knew I was going to do this, didn’t you?) Jacoby has some Saika Shams blood in his pedigree: his paternal grandfather, Haro’s Jake of Eszencia’s mother was Saika Shams Bint Asad. Saika Shams is one of the older Abyssinian catteries, going back to 1973, so if the name seems familiar, that’s because it probably is. Saika Shams and Lori McClain were involved with the foundation of the Somali breed, too, in the early 70’s, so the weekend Fawn Over Me had is just another feather in Saika Shams’ very well-plumed historical hat.

(However, as far as I can tell, despite Jake and Sparkle sharing common Aby ancestors, it doesn’t appear that Sparkle is connected to Saika Shams cats at all. Incidentally, Sparkle, have your human check out this History of the Somali Breed I discovered on the Somali Cat Club’s website! Interesting stuff!)

Also (and this is just incredibly random), if you look at the pedigree in the above link, for Saika Shams Arabesque, who was born on 23 September 1973, you’ll see her grandfather was El Qahira’s Chocolet. That name rang a bell with me, so I followed it and discovered this line:

El Qahira’s Chocolet -> El Qahira’s Prudence -> Scarlette Chocoletta of El Qahira -> El Qahira’s Jack Dandy of Alekay -> Alekay’s Joshua of Shechinah -> Vanguard’s Fillip of Yavapai -> Westleigh’s Trinity -> Westleigh’s Jubilate of Shomra -> Shomra’s Rusty Nail (Ah ha, Shomra! there’s a familiar name!) -> Shomra’s Sweet Sara (born 24 June 1992) -> Shomra’s Orion -> Shomra’s Tomahto (DM) -> Shomra’s Right Off the Vine -> Ramkatz Ryan New Year of Instincts -> (cue dramatic music, please…) Instincts Santa Catalina of Pellburn, Jake’s mother!

Congratulations to this lovely fawn boy…I wasn’t able to find any photos of him online. Yet. I’m sure after the weekend he had there will soon be plenty of photos of this little man.

Aby-a-Day – March 4: The results are in…

Today was interesting. Really interesting. This was the first time Jacoby had direct, head-to-head, peer competition in a cat show. In every other show he’s done, he was either the only Aby, period, or he was the only Ruddy Aby male. He’s had it easy, really. But not today. Today, he was up against a real killer: Supreme Grand Champion Alter Pentaclecats Dexter Morgan. Just over a year old and starting out fresh, the first time I saw Dexter this morning, he was in a judging cage dancing in circles. Literally. He was in the plain white cage chasing his tail like a maniac.


Meanwhile, Jake was in “second-day-show” mode, also known as, “Oh, this again?” He wasn’t really bad-tempered…but honestly, the more times he got dragged out of a cage to get into another cage, the more happy he was to just stay in the cage he was in, thank you. Once he was out of a cage, he was fine, and he’d stand there and pose all day while the judges inspected him…but getting him out of that cage got harder and harder as the day went on. He was holding onto the bars of the judging cages with all four of his Aby grabby hands and feet when the judges went to get him.


Then, when the judges do that thing where they’re deciding between who’s going to be first in class and who’s going to be second, and they step back and wave a feather or a wand toy to see which cat just stands out the most to them, Jake doesn’t ever really react. Maybe if they’d wave a sandwich at him, they’d get a response, but at shows, Jake’s just not big into toys. He doesn’t even play with them when I rattle them at him.


So, end of the day, Dexter was best of class and best of division in six of the eight rings, and Dexter made two Allbreed finals, finishing 8th Best Alter and 7th Best Alter. But in two rings, Jake was best of class and division, and that’s pretty great considering he’s a TICA novice. And it’s interesting that Dexter finished in the same places, 7th and 8th, that Jake finished in yesterday. In fact, Alberto Leal placed Jake 8th in his ring yesterday, and Dexter 8th in his ring today. Interesting, eh?


But poor Jakey! He didn’t just do the show. He also met a lot of little kids (and adults) who wanted to meet a real live Abyssinian or pet a real live show cat. I also let him walk around a little on his leash a couple of times today, too, because he gets so tired of being carried everywhere. And I totally can’t blame him for that, either. We went to look at the Pet Expo, too…and I promise plenty of photos to come…but not tonight.


Because tonight, we’re all just ready to crash.