Aby-a-Day – April 5: Out with the old and in with the new

Last week we went to Petco to pick up our usual necessities, canned and dry cat food for the girls and kitty litter (including a great big bag of that new Blue Walnut Litter that I can’t wait to try!) and while we were there, I decided it was time to replace the beloved bedroom scratchers. We have many different scratching options in our apartment, both horizontal and vertical, with a variety of surfaces from carpet to sisal to cardboard. But one of the most favoured scratching toy is the Petlinks Dream Curl, or, as it’s mostly referred to, the S-Curve. The one we had (our second) was getting really raggedy, so I thought it was due to be replaced.


I found a nice Wedgwood blue-toned one, which matches the colours in the bedroom nicely. We barely had time to bring it in and set it down before Jacoby came over to christen it!

Tessie helped, of course. Actually, everyone managed to get a scratch in before we’d gotten it into the bedroom.


Scratch, scratch, scratch…


Jake really puts his back into it!


Jake also helped me take the old S-curve (and the old simple scratching post, which was also replaced with a new Scratcher’s Delight Refillable Cardboard Scratching Post) out to the garbage room.


We actually found that little upright post in the trash room over a year ago! It was practically brand-new at the time and our cats loved it. So far, they haven’t embraced the new post the way they have the new S-curve. But I’m sure they will…it’s only been a week.


Jake seems a little sad at saying goodbye to his old S-curve…


Farewell, clawed and tattered friend.