Aby-a-Day – April 8: If I Didn’t Know This Was Hasenpfeffer, I’d Swear It Was Carrots

I have an interesting sense of humour, particularly when it comes to food. For example, I love dishes that involve both chicken and eggs.


So, for Easter dinner, I like to make rabbit. There happens to be a Chinese market near where we live that carries rabbit, and so I bought a couple and cooked them in my crockpot. With carrots…because, as I said, I have an interesting sense of humour. And what else would you cook with rabbit?


Rabbit is sort of like chicken, and sort of like…well…it’s an entirely different meat from anything else we eat, because it’s an entirely different family from the cows, pigs and sheep we usually eat. I guess it’s a bit like pork, and a bit like lamb…


The one thing I don’t like about rabbit is, it’s boney. Rabbits have a lot of teeny bones, and they don’t stick together the way poultry bones do. It’s one reason I tend to crockpot rabbit; if you cook it long enough, the meat comes off the bones and you can get rid of them before you eat it.


Of course, I had to show Jacoby the bones.


And of course Angel had to check them out, too. I figured they’d be very interested in them since they eat rabbit-based dry food.


They were interested…but disappointed! I think they wanted more meat and fewer bones.

Other People’s Abys – ACA 2012 Show photos

The 2012 Abyssinian Cat Association Show was held yesterday in Cheshire. There are already photos of some of the winners on Flickr!

BIS Adult

This is Best in Show Adult winner, IGRCH Glendavan Kaiser Soeze! Isn’t he handsome?

Overall Best In Show Glendavan Willy Wonka

And look at this little man! This is Glendavan Willy Wonka, a chocolate Abyssinian! Little Willy did his father (Glendavan Purple Haze, aka Jimi) one better by not only winning BIS Kitten but he also beat his great grandfather (who just happens to be Kaiser Soeze, above) to win overall BIS – the first chocolate Aby ever to do so!

Check out photos of the other winners on Glendavan’s Flickr page!