Aby-a-Day – April 12: Egging them on

Easter in our house isn’t really all that big a deal, but I do always try to get the cats a little something to mark the holiday. This year, I got each of them a wool Easter egg from Etsy seller Mycrobe, since her Valentine’s catnip chocolates were such a hit.


I was trying to take photos of the wonderful wrapping that she did, with strings and cute little Easter labels…


…but you know how Jacoby is when I try to point a camera at someone or something that isn’t him!


Needless to say, he was the first to check out the eggs.


It’s funny; cats are somewhat colour blind. http://www.eurocatfancy.de/en1/nav/about-cats/cat-anatomy/eye.asp” target=#>They can see blues and greens, but not reds. They each have their own colours (green for Jake, purple for Angel, pink for Kylie and red for Tessie), and each cat had their own specific egg. I don’t know how they know whose is whose, but Jake went right for his green egg without any prompting from me!


I even put it back in the box, to see if he chose his egg again, and he did.


Although, he was pretty intrigued by the crinkly paper nest, too.


Angel was in front of the TV as usual, but she was very interested in the eggs.


Hers was in the same box as Kylie’s egg and was a pretty shade of lavender. Would she pick her egg out, the way Jake did, without my prompting?


She did!


She liked the catnip smell and the way the egg felt in her grabby Aby hands.


If you look at her reflection in the glass TV stand, you can see Angel has her egg in her mouth!


Tessie got a yellow egg; I guess red isn’t really an Eastery colour.


Mycrobe’s eggs are just right for cats’ paws. They all want to touch them.


Kylie immediately started tossing her pink egg.


She also rolled on it, just as she did with her catnip chocolate when she first got that.


Usually, you’re supposed to find the Easter eggs, but in our house, the cats prefer to hide them. Kylie’s egg is still somewhere in our bed, I think…

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – April 12: Egging them on

    1. Jake’s collar (and everyone else’s collars, too) are custom made by my friend Sally who makes them and sells them on Etsy. They’re all custom-made (with everyone’s colours) from braided kangaroo leather. She also made Jake’s leash, my camera strap, two harnesses, a lanyard for our therapy visits and a strap for my iPhone…I love her work!

      The “tag collars” are simple, thin, lightweight collars with a ring for attaching ID tags. They don’t buckle, they just slip on and off over the cat’s head. I really like them and they seem comfortable on the cats. They also tend not to leave “collar rings” on their necks.


  1. I went through many failed red Easter egg attempts (to the delight of my cats who get the rejects). Tessie’s egg does have little red dots, which was as as much of a compromise as I could do and still remain Eastery. I love that shot of Jake with the egg in his mouth and his paw in the box!


    1. LOL! I did notice the red dots! That’s okay, she gets plenty of red toys at Christmas!
      And yes, it’s uncanny how he knew which one was his. He took it right out of the box!


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