Aby-a-Day – April 17: Everybody knows his name (Cartoon Tuesday)

Jacoby really does react when he hears his name on TV. He hears “Jacoby” a lot, because Jerry Remy, one of the announcers on NESN, tends to call players by their first names or nicknames (he was a player, himself, once upon a time). But it’s amazing how many “Jake”s there are on TV (in fact, we’ve started asking Jake if he works for State Farm). While I was watching an episode of Law & Order: UK, a female character called the Jack McCoy counterpart’s name (Senior Crown Prosecutor Jacob Thorne, aka Jake), and it woke Jake the Abyssinian up from a deep sleep!

Since baseball season has started up, and since Jake’s birthday was yesterday, I give you this:


Unfortunately the real Jacoby injured his shoulder on Friday the 13th and will likely be out for two months…but our Jake will still hear his name a lot even if his namesake isn’t playing.

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