Aby-a-Day – April 22: Rubber baby buggy bumpers

As I mentioned last week. one of Jacoby’s birthday presents was a Hexbug Nano. Kylie’s birthday is this coming Tuesday, and she got a Nano, too…and Tessie and Angel will have Nanos, too…



…But they don’t get theirs until their birthdays, or their gotcha days, whichever comes first. I also got one for myself and one for my husband, so eventually we’ll have six Nano Hexbugs to play with.

I bought a couple of Hexbug habitat sets and built a pretty sweet track for the bugs to run on. I thought that if I had a habitat for them, they’d be less likely to get lost. Cat toys in our house have a bad history of getting lost in our house.




Jake, Kylie and Tessie were really excited about the Hexbugs.


Jake, especially.





The April birthday kitties, Jake and Kylie, especially enjoyed their joint birthday present.



It was really cute to watch them watch the Hexbugs.

So, just for fun, I made a video of Jake, Kylie and Tessie watching the Hexbugs. Disclaimer: it’s kind of dark, and it’s not super exciting, but it’s kind of cute and fun to watch, anyway. I know they weren’t made to be cat toys, but I can personally vouch for their popularity with the feline set.

In case you’re wondering, we did try to get Angel to join in…she seemed a little afraid of the Hexbugs. I hope he changes her mind when she gets her own bug.

4 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – April 22: Rubber baby buggy bumpers

    1. It’s really fun. We’ve actually rebuilt it twice. My husband already wants to get more tracks so we can make it 3 levels and get a more gradual slope than the spiral affords…

      Oh, and yes, this is all for the cats, of course.


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