Aby-a-Day – April 23: Angel in the sun (Hipstamatic Monday)

Angel is so photogenic.



I mean, really. She seems to be in the shadow of the other cats sometimes, but look at that face!


…Even when Jacoby barges in. Because apparently I’m not allowed to take a photo without him.

Abys in Need: Abyssinian and Egyptian Mau in Iowa Shelter

Stories like this always make me sad. Two seven-year-old bonded buddies, King Louie the Aby and Little Dragon the Egyptian Mau, are looking for a new home in Iowa. They’re being fostered on behalf of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in Des Moines. It doesn’t say why these two gentlemen are in need of a new family, but they’ve been homeless for over a month already.

King Louie is a purebred red/sorrel Aby. He’s a little chubby, and he’s the shyer of the pair.

Little Dragon is a striking silver Egyptian Mau, and he’s said to be “like a dog” in many ways.

According to the website: These guys are a friendly pair who make themselves at home quickly. Dragon, a purebred Egyptian Mau, is the more affectionate, outgoing and vocal of the two. It may take a little longer for him to warm up, but once he does, he’ll be your best bud! He actually acts like a little dog sometimes — he likes being roughhoused, head-butted and scratched. Louie, a purebred Abyssinian, is a watcher-on-the-sidelines. He observes everything, and you can see how intelligent he is as he considers every situation. These boys are a great pair and love each other very much. They need a very quiet home with either older kids or no kids and preferably no other pets. Louie has a tendency toward bladder crystals, so he will need to be on special food for the rest of his life.

If you know anyone in the area who needs a couple of lovely boys, please contact Carol at cgriglione@arl-iowa.org.