Aby-a-Day – May 3: Five years ago this weekend…

…I took Jake’s half-brother Gun-Hee to his second CFA cat show in Concord, NH on May 5 & 6, 2007. He was still a kitten, barely; he turned 8 months old on June 16 (once a cat is 8 months old, he’s considered an adult for cat show purposes).


It was a pretty interesting show, with a total of seven Abyssinians entered (2 kittens, 2 Champions, 1 Grand Champion, and 2 Premiers).


The Grand Champion was Gun-Hee and Jake’s father, Scarface Cat Pacino, and their Uncle Whitey was one of the Premiers. Of course, Gun-Hee was one of the two kittens.


I still have the catalog from that show; the other kitten was a little red/sorrel girl named Eszencia TheCountess of Jazzy Abys, and she was a month younger than Gun-Hee (who was Pellburn’s Prince Gun-Hee, so we had a countess and a prince in the kitten ring). Gun-Hee and TheCountess did have a good time playing through the bars when they were up for judging.


This was an exciting show, because not only did Gun-Hee make his very first final ring…but he was named BEST KITTEN in that ring! I was so surprised when that happened! It was my first final, too, outside of HHP rings.

But even better than the usual judging, this show had something special and unusual. This show had a Feline Agility course! As we know from our friend Twyla Mooner, Abys are generally pretty good at Agility! In fact, according to the current Agility standings, there are four Abys and a Somali on the leaderboard.


Of course I tried Gun-Hee out on the Agility course. How could I not? He was already pretty agile on the judges’ tables!


However, I have NO photos or movies of Gun-Hee’s epic run. I don’t know what happened; I did take both photos and video, but something happened to them between my camera and my laptop and they just…disappeared.


But I will never, ever, forget Gun-Hee’s performance. We walked him through the course on Saturday, and then on Sunday, we ran it for real. You’re allowed three timed runs, with the best time of the three recorded timed runs as the final score. Well, Gun-Hee, being a seven-month-old boycat, ran the course very fast, following his favourite wand toy intently over the hurdles, through the rings and the tunnel, in and out through the weave poles…he was on fire! But then he reached the final jump, and he…stopped. Halfway over. His front legs had finished the course, but his back legs had not…and the clock doesn’t stop until ALL the cat’s four feet have completed the course! Gun-Hee ended up in 4th place overall. He had the fastest time of any cat entered…up until that last obstacle. I still have his ribbon hanging in my office.


And this weekend, May 5 & 6, 2012 (the same exact days, 5 years later), Jacoby and I are going to the same show! They’re even having an Agility course this year! This is kind of huge because there aren’t a lot of shows that do Agility; in fact, the Seacoast Cat Club’s show hasn’t had Agility since that show 5 years ago!


And, in a nice little cosmic touch of symmetry, there are, once again, seven Abys entered in this year’s show: 1 Kitten, 1 Champion, 1 Grand Champion, 1 Open Premier, 1 Premier, and TWO Grand Premiers (one of whom is Jake)! This will be Jake’s first CFA show as a Grand; how exciting to have another Grand to compete with!


This was Gun-Hee after the show…he completely crashed after a show. He almost never seemed to sleep otherwise; I think it’s because he knew he had a short life. Jake sleeps all the time, but he never seems very worn out after cat shows. Of course, we’ll see how he is after trying his paw at Agility!

5 thoughts on “Aby-a-Day – May 3: Five years ago this weekend…

    1. Me too!!! I don’t know if Meg’s going (haven’t heard from her).
      We’re going to TRY to drop by the Orlando show, but since we’re there to see family in Bradenton/Tampa, I don’t know if we’ll make it – they may have plans since it’s my birthday, my nephew’s birthday, and Memorial Day…


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