Aby-a-Day – May 5: Grand slam

As it turns out, the other Grand Premier entered in the show? Is my friend Meg’s Taz! You may remember that at the first CFA show Jacoby went to in Milford last year, we met his two little red/sorrel cousins, Anubis Lew Zealand and Anubis Taz Mania. Well, little cousin Taz is all grown up and he’s already a Grand Premier!


So he was Jake’s “direct competition” today, and he did really well. There were two other ruddies in Premiership, and Jake took Best of Colour in every ring but one. When it came to Best of Breed, Jake was consistently awarded second, after Taz. And Taz actually made all six finals today, too!


It was actually quite funny. In the first Premiership final, Taz placed seventh. In the next final, he placed sixth. Then, after the third final, he and Meg came back with a fifth place rosette from one of the Specialty judges. Well, we joked, at least he’s moving in the right direction.

I watched Taz’s next final, and I said, “well, he’s going to get fourth place in this one, obviously.” And he actually did get fourth place from that judge! So when he was called into the next ring’s final, I said I was going to laugh so hard if Taz took third.

And he was Third Best Cat in Premiership in that ring!

Then we got to the last ring. Every Aby in our little block (which included Stan from Jazzy Abys, Chris and Debbie from Instincts, and Lauren from Abycastle) had won a rosette in at least one final…everyone but Jake. “Hey,” I said, “we need a little rosette lovin’ over here on the end!”


We were reminded of the last CFA show when Jake finally Granded…in the last ring of the second day of the show when the finals of the last Premiership ring were announced…and Jake was among the cats called! And Taz was also in the finals of that Specialty ring judged by Russell Webb. This was going to be interesting!


Of course, I would have been happy to get even 10th Best Cat, because at least Jake had finalled. But Russell kept giving out ribbons…to the Havana, to the Fold, to the Rex…until he was down to just a blue-point Siamese…and Jake and Taz. And then he announced that the Siamese was his 3rd Best Cat in Premiership.

And we were down to the two Abyssinians.

In the end, Jake was 2nd Best Cat in Premiership and Taz was Best Cat in Premiership.


And Jake was completely happy with that. He was tired and ready to call it a day, anyway. But Meg said that, just like in Groton, at the last minute Jacoby stole home!

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