Aby-a-Day – May 6th: Jacoby the “posable action figure.”

The second day of the cat show at the cat show started out almost exactly like yesterday. Jacoby is an…idiosyncratic show cat. Most Abyssinians you see on the judge’s table at a cat show are like hyperactive kids in need of Ritalin. They’re eager and beyond alert. They follow whatever toy the judge waves in front of them with a head tic like an epileptic at a rave.


Well…all Abys except for Jacoby, apparently. Probably because Jake has been riding the subway and playing in parks that back up to trainyards since he was four months old. He’s fearless. He’s bulletproof. And he’s, well…he’s really un-Aby-like when he’s being judged.


Basically, he’s more like a Persian than an Aby. He stands on the table majestically. He responds to the judge’s touch, but he doesn’t climb the sisal post and he doesn’t play with the toys the judge tries to tempt him with.


When Jake made his appearance in Carla Bizzell’s ring today, he was his usual, placid self on her table.


And she found this quite amusing.


“Look at this guy!” she said. “He’s like a posable action figure!”


She told us the story of an Aby she once had who was calm, like Jake. One show she took him to, they’d neglected to leave her a cage. So she put down her cage skirt, she set out the bedding, and she sat her Aby down in the space while she went to look for her cage. And he just sat there.


Meg and I laughed at this. “She thinks he’s a posable action figure now?” I said. “She should see him in Agility!”

Because Jake was better at posing in Agility action poses than he was at actually running the course.


I suppose it’s my fault.


After all, I am the one who raised him to think that life is a series of photo opportunities. He probably didn’t want to run the course because then all the photos of him would be blurred.


Still, when Carla Bizzell’s finals were announced, both Taz and Jake were called back into her ring. And she awarded Jake 7th Best Cat in Premiership.


As you might expect, he was thrilled.