Aby-a-Day – May 7: Well-trained (Hipstamatic Monday)

To get to the cat show this past weekend, Jacoby and I took the Commuter Rail to Lowell, where my friend Karen, who lives in New Hampshire, picked me up.


I don’t know what it is about trains and Hipstamatic, but they seem to go together so well.



It must be the whole retro-1970’s vibe both Hipstamatic and most of the Commuter Rail trains have.


But as were were saying all weekend, Mr. Bulletproof is really placid in the show ring.


Like, unnaturally-for-an-Abyssinian relaxed. Like, are-you-positive-this-isn’t-a-British Shorthair-on-downers-in-an-Aby-suit calm, cool and collected.


Did I spoil him for the cat show circuit by taking him out on adventures in public transportation?


Did training him to be a therapy cat, unfazed by dogs, machinery or unexpected things make him less representative of his breed in the show ring?


Perhaps. I mean, there aren’t many cats on the planet that will sit on the seat of a train with his paws folded beneath his chest.


Well…I guess that makes the ribbons awarded by judges who see through his tranquil façade all the sweeter, then, doesn’t it?

Other People’s Abys: Cover Story

Check out this photo of Cousin Taz and Specialty Judge Lorraine Rivard from yesterday’s Concord Monitor:

Take a good look at #131 there in the background. That’s Jacoby…I guess he didn’t realise there was a camera on him.

There’s also a really good photo of Richard from Chanan at work:

As Meg wrote to the Aby list:

I have to admit I was pretty thrilled & excited at the Seacoast Cat Club CFA show in Concord, NH this past weekend. This is the same show where my little, red, barely adult boy, Taz Mania, last year went from Open to Grand. This year, in a highly competitive Premiership class (that included four Abys), Taz made every final and was the second highest scoring cat in Premiership [this weekend] behind the (incredible) British Shorthair [blue-cream tortie] spay. One judge gave the two Aby GPs (the other one being GP Pellburn Jacoby Stealin’ Home, a glorious ruddy boy) Best and 2nd Best Cat. Taz even made the front page of the Concord Monitor.


(Officially) GC, GP Anubis Taz Mania is sired by GC Bojangles Australia of Instincts and his dam is GC Etochat Canada Post of Anubis DM. He is co-owned with his “grandmother” Chris Giammarinaro. He is one of my litter of three red Grands, the other two being GC, RW Anubis Lew Zealand and GC Anubis Kuki Airani (aka Ginger).

Taz is most of all my sweetheart. His heart is as richly gold as his coat.

Thanks, Meg, for the heads up!