Aby-a-Day – May 13: Try telling HIM I’m not his mom

I love the front camera on the iPhone. I hope that when the long-awaited iPhone 5 is released, they increase the megapixels and improve the resolution on that front camera, because that’s the only downside: the photos are kind of lousy. Like, 1999-digital-camera lousy.


But they’re so much fun to take!


Even if they photos themselves are kind of crappy.



I don’t know how Jake knows when I’m using my phone as a camera, but oh, he knows.


I swear Jacoby is smiling in this shot.

Other People’s Abys: Happy Mother’s Day

It’s very apropos that Mother’s Day falls smack dab in the middle of kitten season. This week, there have been some amazing photos that I just have to share.

The first comes from Debbie Dixon of Crystalpaws Abyssinians via the Unusual Abys list:


I thought I’d share this picture that I took earlier today of our “pile of kittens.” We have four litters at the moment ranging from nearly eleven weeks to six weeks old – more than we would usually have. The older litter of five were not planned – their mum, Tas (Crystalpaws Fawn Fantasy) was keeping Frodo (Crystalpaws Frodo Baggins) company for a couple of weeks over Christmas before being spayed, they showed no signs of mating but she suddenly became a little rounded in shape just before she was booked into the vet!

It’s all good fun!!

Next, this adorable little photo was posted by Lucia Neimann on the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club.


I love her caption: “It’s nice on my mom’s back. Adina’s boy 8 days.”

My friend Molly from Tigerflower Abyssinians sent me this amazing set of photos. They were sent to her by Laurel Healy of Healying Cats.


Isn’t Aby parenthood wonderful?





I’m afraid poor Bella has a sleeping disorder that makes her fall asleep immediately after eating. She had her front legs in the food and just didn’t have the energy to clean up AND move away from her plate.

This last one is also from Molly…and while it’s not really Mother’s Day related, it still makes me laugh every time I look at it.


She sent it with a single word: “IMITATORS!” Ha!

Are Pet Parents REALLY “Moms”?

Okay…you know I’m not really a controversial blogger (I’m a cat breed blogger. About as controversial as it gets around here is discussions of sex-linked-red, tortoiseshell, and silver Abyssinians), but there was an opinion piece published on Huffington Post on April 27 that…well…to be honest, it kind of pissed me off.

Because according to some woman called Susan Maushart, Pet Parents are NOT Moms.

Oh, yes, she did just say that.

Yeah, I’m not going to lie; I commented. Not with what was really on my mind, but I did point out that, as a matter of fact, part of domestication places us as parent figures in our pets’ lives, and the very process of domesticating animals involves breeding them to retain juvenile characteristics throughout their lives. I also said that perhaps she should do a little more research and a little less ranting.


I don’t have children. I have cats. But they are my responsibility. I feed them, I bathe them, I take care of them when they’re sick, I play with them, I teach them things and expose them to new things, and they repay me with love and attention. If I’m not a substitute parent to them, then what am I? Not an “owner,” certainly. They aren’t property, they’re family. They have names, personalities, likes, dislikes, quirks, favourite foods and toys…they’re not a car or a computer or a pair of shoes.

So, I may be a “crazy cat lady” but put me squarely in the “Cat mom” category. And you know what else? My mom is my cats’ and my sister’s cats’ grandmother. Just ask her if you don’t believe me.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who’s had to clean up your little one’s puke or mop up a little accident…regardless of species.