Other People’s Abys: Happy Mother’s Day

It’s very apropos that Mother’s Day falls smack dab in the middle of kitten season. This week, there have been some amazing photos that I just have to share.

The first comes from Debbie Dixon of Crystalpaws Abyssinians via the Unusual Abys list:


I thought I’d share this picture that I took earlier today of our “pile of kittens.” We have four litters at the moment ranging from nearly eleven weeks to six weeks old – more than we would usually have. The older litter of five were not planned – their mum, Tas (Crystalpaws Fawn Fantasy) was keeping Frodo (Crystalpaws Frodo Baggins) company for a couple of weeks over Christmas before being spayed, they showed no signs of mating but she suddenly became a little rounded in shape just before she was booked into the vet!

It’s all good fun!!

Next, this adorable little photo was posted by Lucia Neimann on the Facebook Abyssinian Cat Club.


I love her caption: “It’s nice on my mom’s back. Adina’s boy 8 days.”

My friend Molly from Tigerflower Abyssinians sent me this amazing set of photos. They were sent to her by Laurel Healy of Healying Cats.


Isn’t Aby parenthood wonderful?





I’m afraid poor Bella has a sleeping disorder that makes her fall asleep immediately after eating. She had her front legs in the food and just didn’t have the energy to clean up AND move away from her plate.

This last one is also from Molly…and while it’s not really Mother’s Day related, it still makes me laugh every time I look at it.


She sent it with a single word: “IMITATORS!” Ha!

7 thoughts on “Other People’s Abys: Happy Mother’s Day

  1. ah!!!!! your kittens are awfully cute! I have 3 myself as well. Poor Bella, she really just drop sleep after eating…..although it sounds alarming, it’s cute as well. (P.S as I was typing my comment, my cat came and sit on my lap, which is super rare! Oh~~~ i’m so happy now @^~^@) Your post must have brought me LUCK!


          1. haha~ I have 2 back home with my parents and sister, and 1 here with me in Australia. So total 3 (^.^) Thought of getting an extra cat for my Aus cat, but it seems she is afraid of any strangers (animal+people)


  2. Awwwww, love Debbie’s photo of a pile of kittens. One of those little babies (I can’t tell which fawn he is in the photo) is coming home with me in a few weeks. He’ll be moving in with Reuben, a one year old fawn boy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the introductions go well!


    1. Oh! That’s awesome! I love when I get to hear both sides of the story. That just happened with one of Chris Hughes’ Merrydancer kittens. Chris is on the Unusual Abys list, so we heard all about Cassius when he was born, and then he was reserved for Eva Sharry, who’s on the Aby Club on Facebook, and she was posting all kinds of “OMG so excited he’s almost here!” posts, which was cute. Then, she picked him up, so now we get to see photos and read regular updates. It’s adorable 🙂


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