Aby-a-Day – May 20: A walk in the park

After the cat show in Concord, NH a couple of weeks ago, Jacoby and I couldn’t resist checking out Waterfront Park, which just happened to border on the parking lot for the showhall, Everett Arena.



I think it was his favourite part of the day.


I was amused that he was more active exploring the riverbank than he was the entire time he was on the agility course.


We’ve never really gotten to explore a river. We walk along Fort Point Channel, but we don’t really get up close to the water unless we’re on the dock.


I think after spending a day as a pampered show cat, Jake enjoyed a little walk in the wild.



And it’s a really pretty park, too.


My favourite part of the outing was Jake’s constant commentary. It was hard to get photos of him with his mouth closed, he was talking so much!