Other People’s Abys: Award Winners and a Reno Jackpot

Angeline Watanabe of Abyzona posted this year-end report to one of my Aby mailing lists:

Lets hear it for a wonderful year! The 2011-2012 show season was a prosperous one for the Abyssinian world.

Drum roll…We ended the season with three national winners!

GC, NW Anqet Akasha – 2nd Best Kitten Nationally & Best Abyssinian Kitten
B/O Dianne Henderson

GP, NW Hitails Banjo Mooner – 5th Best Premiership Cat Nationally & Best Abyssinian Premier
B/O Lisa Maria Padilla


GC, GP, NW Abyzona’s Sparkler of Temecku – 24th Best Cat in Premiership Nationally & 2nd Best Aby Premier
Breeder: Angeline Watanabe
Owner: Julie Onstott/Ange Watanabe

Congratulations to these wonderful cats and their owners!

The Breed Win this year belongs to GC, BW, RW Shera Len Killian, a lovely red male belonging to Betsy Arnold. Congratulations to Betsy and Killian!!


Top Ten Abys in Championship:
1. GC, BW, RW Shera Len Killian (BOC)
(We saw him at the CFA show in Groton, CT last October when he was a kitten!)
2. GC, RW Bastis Social Network of Abyzona (BOC)
3. GC, RW Lyonwood Medicine Man (BOC)
4. GC, RW Saynday Sunkat Super Nova of 3 Janes (2BOC)
5. GC, RW Diva Hues Your Daddy? (2BOC)
6. GC, DW Greenville Quiana (2BOC)
7. GC, Omnia Mea Quia Nominor Leo
8. GC, Greenville Bimmer
9. GC, RW Licca Lady Asura
10. GC, RW Anqet Padparascha of La’roux

Top Ten Abyssinian Kittens:
1. GC, NW Anqet Akasha
2. GC, RW Zehnder Espirit
3. GP, RW Zehnder’s Rogier Vivier of NuDawnz
4. GC, BW, RW Shera Len Killian
5. GC, NW Hitails Banjo Mooner
6. GC, DW Greenville Zakka
7. CH Redferne Moses 2 of Tigerflower
(This is my friend Molly’s fawn kitten who we were benched next to at that same show in Groton last October!)
8. CH, RW Lyonwood Jambalaya
9. GP, RW DeVande’s Firecracker
10. CH, RW Aimables Archange II


Top Ten Abyssinians in Premiership:
1. GP, NW Hitails Banjo Mooner
(I met Banjo at the Crab & Mallet show in Baltimore back in March!)
2. GC, GP, NW Abyzona’s Sparkler of Temecku
3. GP, RW Glenlea’s Desoto of Ashaby
4. GP, DW Eritrean Red Bumblebee
5. GC, RW Astechs Under the Radar of Abiqua
6. GP, DW Masmera Cenegal of Russmania
7. GP, RW Astechs Amelia Earheart
8. GP, RW Cepheus Hina-Malama
9. GP, Diva’s Hues Your Favorite?
10. GP, RW Anqet Binkhaaphajaosuduangjun

Then yesterday, Angeline posted this to the Aby list:
Something quite special happened this past weekend at the Reno show. With lots of points to spare Zehnder Moon and Stars of Abyzona and his full litter sister, Zehnder Seraphina of 3Janes both achieved their grand championship title. What made this event even more special is that these two blue little pieces of heaven are only eight months old, AND they finished together on the same day! “Fina” and “Moons” are from GC BW NW Glenlea’s Rolls Royce of Purssynian and out of RW Purssynian Seduced By Moonlight. The 3Janes and I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to Monica Zehnder, Beth and Darrell Newkirk, and Brad and Donna Johnson for affording us the opportunity to own and exhibit these beautiful cats. This is going to be one heck of a grand party!

Thank you, Angeline Watanabe- Abyzona Abyssinians and Teri Kennedy-Julie Onstott-Elizabeth Koller a.k.a. 3Janes Abyssinians

Monica added that Fina and Moon’s half brother was also there, GRP Zehnder Roger Vivier, who was 3rd Best Aby Kitten last year.

It looks like the new show year, which started on May 1, is going to be a good one for Abyssinians! Cousin Taz earned 330 points in one show at the New Hampshire show we went to a few weeks ago.

Aby-a-Day – May 22: Pack up your troubles in your old cat bag (Cartoon Tuesday)

We’re off to Florida for a short family visit. This cartoon pretty much wrote itself.


I think that because Jacoby actually does get to come along a lot of the time I pack for a trip, he feels extra-entitled. There’s also a subtle shout-out to my sister.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)

Other People’s Abys: Lola, Niles, Cairo & Doctor Livingstone

Sometimes I find the most interesting things while randomly Googling other things.

In this case, I was looking for a specific LOLcat with the caption “Ha! Ha! Ha!” and I found this delightful page of a charming Abyssinian family.

This is the photo that came up in my search:

But I think this one is my favourite:

There are more photo sets of these Abys taken when they were 9 days old, 2 months old, and 9 months old.

There are also several pages of other cat photos, including a series on big cats and photos taken at different Northern California TICA and CFA shows as well as a page describing How to Fold a Somali that’s pretty great, too!

I wonder if my Google searches have been conditioned to give me Abys when I look for things?