Aby-a-Day – May 24: Protection racket

Last week I Tweeted a photo of Jacoby on my chest, happy as could be that I was still in bed after my husband had left for work. He thought I was going to stay home all day with him! Alas, I was only leaving a little later than usual because we were getting our annual HVAC maintenance done.


He planted himself on my chest and purred and purred and purred…and headbutted me and licked my ears…


Just so happy! And when the maintenance guy walked up to the door, Jake heard him coming and ran to the door, growling. He’s done this before when he hears things outside the door, both at home and in hotels. He’s very protective of me.


He was friendly to the man, but he also made sure to be nearby when the man talked to me and when I paid him and signed the work order. The man even commented about how protective Jake seemed.


It seems that the more we go places and do things together, the more attached to me Jake is becoming. When I go to bed at night, he plants himself firmly on the bed, snuggled firmly behind my knees. I don’t even need to call him; he just comes on his own when he realises I’ve gone to bed.

We’re going on a small vacation soon; I hope he doesn’t miss me too much. Except for my weekend in Baltimore, I haven’t left him for any length of time since last year…