Aby-a-Day – May 26: Nobody wants to see vacation photos

I’m actually in Florida right now. As a matter of fact, I did go to a cat show in Orlando today and met up with my friend Molly…but if you can believe it, there were NO ABYSSINIANS entered in the show! None at all! The entire Shorthair Premier class was only about 10 cats! It was crazy.

Still, there were some great cats. The Championship class had both a Cornish Rex and a Devon Rex in one final, and they were caged right next to each other so you could really see the difference between the two breeds. There were also two solid white Maine Coons, a male and a female, who pretty much made my argument for Kylie being a shorthaired Maine Coon and not, say, descended from American Shorthairs. I took a lot of photos with my new camera…but I haven’t had time to go through them yet.

So, here are some action shots of Angel, jumping…


…and scratching.



These were practice shots using the flash and the diffuser I got. As a side note, Richard Katris aka Chanan was at this show, and I actually had time to to chat with him a bit. He looked at my camera and asked me about the viewfinder; I told him it was brand-new and handed it to him to see for himself. He actually gave me some pointers on how to test the viewfinder/flash for lag! I’ve met Richard a few times, now, and I’m starting to get over my fangirlishness to an extent, but I’m sorry: Having Chanan give you cat photography advice is kind of like having Leonardo Da Vinci give you lessons on brushstrokes.