Aby-a-Day – May 27: Every step along the way

One very cool feature of my new camera is its “rapid fire” feature. It can take something like 12 shots in a second.
I tested it out on Jacoby, ever my willing subject:
















I have dreams of making a flip book with a set of these sorts of photos. I tried it out yesterday with judges looking at cats in the rings, and also on a white ibis I saw in a parking lot. I haven’t had a chance to look at those photos, but I’ll bet I got at least a couple of keepers!

Other People’s Abys: The trip I SHOULD have taken

Next weekend is both my birthday and my friend (and Jacoby’s breeder) Sherry’s birthday weekend. Coincidentally, up in Fredericton, where Sherry lives, next weekend there’s big ACFA cat show scheduled. I really wanted to bring Jake to that show…but fate consipred it was just not in the cards for this year.

It got a great write-up in the Fredericton newspaper (but you have to actually subscribe to the paper to read its articles online), and I also found this charming video of Sherry explaining the cat show last year to local celebrity Charles Leblanc:


Of course, while I wanted to see Sherry, and also our friend Kim, and Jake’s relatives Clancy and Finnegan, the main reason I wanted to go up there was so Jake and his brother Dillin could have a little littermate reunion.


4xGrCh Pellburn Johnny Dillinger, Jake’s brother, was Best Cat for ACFA Eastern Canada Region for the 2011 show season! What an achievement!

Sherry and Buddy Guy3_1538

We’d also have been able to see Jake’s (non-littermate) brother, Buddy Guy, who shares his fondness for dressing up.

There’s more information on the Abyssinian Cat Club on Facebook. If you’re anywhere near New Brunswick next weekend, you’ve got to go to Fredericton.

*Sigh* Wish I could…well…as we’re so fond of saying in Boston, there’s always NEXT year!