Other People’s Abys – Another Good Weekend for the Abys

Abyfriend Meg (Cousin Taz’s mom) reported some excellent news from the Burmilla/Empire CFA show in Lebanon, PA, this past weekend about the outstanding success Abys had at the show (where there were at least some Abys actually entered).

In Championship, Abycastle Midnight in Paris, a dark, handsome fellow with bedroom eyes, made all 12 finals and was one of the highest scoring cats for the weekend. Congratulations to Lauren Castle, Gary Hoffman, and Chris Giammarinao. (We were benched next to Paris at the New Hampshire show.)


In an extremely competitive Premiership class, a new Aby Tag Team emerged! The racy, elegant blue, GP Zehnder Roger Vivier of NuDawz made 11 of 12 finals, including three Best Cat wins and the colorful, refined red half of the team, GP Anubis Taz Mania, made 10 of 12 (including a Best Cat win). Most Premiership finals had not one but two Abys and two had them First and Second Best Cat. (Just like Jacoby and Taz did at the New Hampshire show!)


What the show proved was that, when given a choice between two virtually equal, fine examples of the Abyssinian breed, judges are able to see their way clear to using both and to using them high. The three cats shown are slightly differing versions of the 100 points the standard represents but all three are A+.


All of the Abys there did have a couple things in common…

All were colorful and all had excellent ticking. Paris has a lush, springy coat with lots of very black ticking. A number of judges commented on Roger’s amazing patina. One of Taz’s strongest suits is his richly colored, well-ticked coat. All also had great eyes.

Speaking of eyes; Chris & Deb Muratore had a gorgeous little ruddy boy in the Kitten Class, Instincts Alcatraz. He is elegance personified. He was only there on Saturday, however, and, because he was teething and has not been shown much, he was a bit frightened and not totally on his game.

I fell hard for him, however, and I know we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the future. He expressed an interest in adding a “last name.”

Chris G & I are happy to extend our congratulations to Monica, Sue, Seth & Lorna and we know they do the same.

Go Abys!!!

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