Aby-a-Day – May 31: Angel up a tree

So here’s the thing: I have a ton of photos that I took between July 4th and the very beginning of November…2010.


This is from when I first got my Nikon S8000.


For some reason, I never went through this pile of pictures.


Obviously, I’ve been going through photos since early November, 2010; if I hadn’t been, there really wouldn’t be any photographic bones to muscle with my blog entries.


There are some pretty awesome photos in that batch.


Some of these photos, I don’t think I’ve even seen since I took them.


It’s kind of like how it was back in the old film days.


Sometimes, back in the old film days, you’d find a roll of exposed film in some old bag you haven’t used for years.


You’d look at it, when you found it, and think: Wow…when is this thing FROM?


And you’d take it or send it to wherever it is you took film to be developed and printed back in those days.


And when you got the photos back, it was amazing.


Well, this is going to be kind of like that. Hopefully. Anyway…I have a huge amount of photos from July – November, 2010. I’m starting out with these shots of Angel playing with an Alpaca fur cat toy. Two years ago. Think of it like a kind of Flashback Friday…only without the Friday.