Aby-a-Day – June 2: Angel the Tree-Dweller

According to the wonderful Jackson Galaxy, cats are either tree-dwellers or bush-dwellers.


Angel is definitely a tree-dweller. She is much more comfortable and confident when she’s up high on one of the cat trees.


I mean, just look at her!


Doesn’t she look confident?

Hinka Chapman and Dylan the Abyssinian on CTV Morning Live Atlantic

Thanks to Abyfriends Kim, Clancy and Finnegan for this awesome link! Check out Hinka Chapman and Eszencia Dylan (not Jacoby’s brother Dillin…this is actually Dillin’s son, which means that he’s Jake’s nephew!) on CTV Morning Live Atlantic.

(I can’t seem to get a direct link to that specific video on CTV’s website; click the link to the right called “Cat Show” to see the video with Hinka and Dylan.)

This is actually a really awesome interview. And do you hear Dylan’s constant talking? That’s exactly what Jake does when we’re out. In fact, Jake sounds a lot like Dylan. Must be their Canadian accent.

I really need to get up to Fredericton and go to this show!

Is it an Aby? My birthday magnet

I got this magnet from my dad for my birthday:


I think it looks exactly like Jacoby. Look at those ears! I think they must have used an Aby as the model for this silhouette, don’t you?