Aby-a-Day – June 4: Bamboo Bliss (Hipstamatic Monday)

Most cat shows have fundraising raffles. You get a massive amount of little tickets for $5 or $10 or $20, and you put them into cups in hopes of winning the associated prize.


At the show in Concord, NH, I put all my tickets into two cups: the one for a DVD/Blu-Ray of The War Horse and the one for a Smartykat Bamboo Bliss hideout.


I actually won the cat house!


When I finally set it up, a certain someone was quick to claim it as his own.


Smartykat makes some great cat furniture, including the beloved Ess Curve scratcher. I really like this bamboo oval. It’s sleek and modern-looking, not like a lot of cat furniture out there.


It’s also, apparently, a big hit with cats.


Jacoby didn’t want to come out of here. I think he was afraid that Tessie or Kylie would usurp him if he vacated his throne.

Other People’s Abys – News from the Chickadee Cat Show

I know I’ve done a lot of posts about the Chickadee Cat Show that was held this past weekend in Fredericton…that’s because I really wanted to go to that show!

But check it out: the show was featured on CBC! News coverage by two major Canadian networks for one cat show…not too shabby!


The best news of the show is that Hinka Chapman’s little red Aby, Eszencia Diablo, was named Best Kitten in Show! Here he is with Specialty Judge Jim Nelson, Hinka, and his Best Kitten rosette. Hinka’s Eszencia Cattery


And it’s easy to see how he won. Just look at him!


This is Eszencia Don Diego, a ruddy who is the son of Dillin, and therefore Jake’s nephew. Isn’t he handsome?


And here is another of Jacoby’s nephews, Eszencia Dylan, who you might remember from the CTV feature.


This is Jazzy Aby’s Buddy Rich, a Premier who we saw at the Concord show in New Hampshire last month.


This is Pellburn Wild Bill Hickock, who has the same parents as Jake’s father, Scar. Technically, he’s Jake’s uncle! It looks like there were a lot of Abyssinians entered in this show…and it looks like a lot of Jake’s family was there, too!