Other People’s Abys – New Distinguished Merit Abyssinians Announced

The Abyssinians who won the coveted CFA Distinguished Merit Award were announced recently, and there are some familiar names among them.

The Distinguished Merit Award is a special one, because it’s earned by a cat indirectly. CFA recognizes cats that produce significant numbers of offspring that achieve the titles of Grand Champion (GC) or Grand Premier (GP), by awarding the title of Distinguished Merit (DM) to the female cat who produces five or more Grands and to the male cat who produces 15 or more Grands. It’s also the only title to go after the cat’s name, not before.

It can also be a sort of bittersweet award, because often it is bestowed to the cat posthumously. This is the case in at least one of this year’s winners, Bastis Theenvelopeplease of Anubis.

The CFA’s newest Abyssinian DMs are:

GC, BW, NW Bastis Theenvelopeplease of Anubis, DM
aka “Envy”
Breeder: Wain Harding
Owner: Meg Lambert

GC Etochat Canada Post of Anubis, DM
aka “Peepers”
Breeder: Nicole Chateauvert-Fran Merlo
Owner: Meg Lambert

GC Instincts Crete, DM
DM Breeder: B. Fye-C. Giammarinaro-L. Search
Owner: C. Giammarinaro-L. Search

GC, RW Licca Nimoa of Rione, DM
Breeder/Owner: Rika Yotsumata Kei-Rika Inatomi

Shera Len Propel, DM
Breeder/Owner: Betsy Arnold

GC Zehnder Angelina Ballerina, DM
Breeder/Owner: M. Zehnder-S. Vande Sande

Congratulations to all the breeders, owners, and of course, the Abys themselves!

(PS: Just for Sparkle and her human, here’s a web page I found with a gallery of Somali DMs – you may recognise the cattery names on some of these handsome cats!)

Aby-a-Day – June 5: Did somebody say the “T” word? (Cartoon Tuesday)

Cats are smart. They decided to domesticate us, they manipulate us with their purrs, and they learn to do things by watching us. They can also understand our language…and they can spell, too.


It’s also pretty amazing that they have supersonic hearing when you don’t want them to hear you…but then, when you want them, they suddenly become deaf.

(Click cartoon to embiggen, or you can view all cartoons in Slideshow mode on Flickr.)