Other People’s Abys: There’s a little bit of wildcat in almost every Aby’s history

This is the kind of thing that I just love about Abyssinians, history, and the internet.

There is just so much collected research available on Messybeast, the mind reels. I think Sarah Hartwell should be given some sort of lifetime achievement award for what she’s created. Lately, I’ve been reading through Messybeast’s Hybrid Cat Genetics articles and, while reading an article on the history of domestic and wildcat hybrids, I came across this passage:

“At the turn of the 20th century, Claude Alexander crossed an Abyssinian cat to an imported African Wild Cat and registered the female offspring, Goldtick, as an Abyssinian. Goldtick was later bred as an Abyssinian.”

Goldtick…wait a minute. That name seems familiar, I thought, so I went to check on the trusty Electronic Registry of Somalis, and, sure enough: there’s Goldtick, and sure enough, she’s shown as the offspring of Southampton Red Rust (son of Ras Dashan) and a South African wild ticked cat. ERoS knows of one kitten: the charmingly named Tim the Harvester.

Tim the Harvester has 26 offspring known to ERoS, including the well-known (Djer-Mer’s) Woodroofe Ras Seyum, who appeared in a 1938 issue of National Geographic. Ras Seyum has 18 offspring known to ERoS, including Djer-Mer’s Ras Buyana II.

One of Ras Buyana II’s kittens was Fairchid’s Aura of Casa Gatos, who is the mother of El Rosario’s Autumn. the mother of Tal-Lee-Ho’s IPO of Ell-Mar.

One of IPO’s kittens, Selene’s Vignette of Wilhousie, has 34 offspring known to ERoS. From Vignette, we can go to Blue Grass Tradescantia of Wohl-Rabe to Wohl-Rabe’s El Tur to Wohl-Rabe’s Atia of Cairo to Cairo’s Shikar to El Qahira’s Chocolat to Gallantree’s Hot Pants of Scarlett to El Qahira’s Sharm El to El Qahira’s Shasu II to El Qahira’s Darina II of Mellowmews… to El Qahira’s Pegasus of Mellowmews.

From Pegasus, who has 12 offspring known to ERoS, we can go to his son El Qahira’s Sweet Frederick to El Qahira’s Ravelle of Jannalou to Jacoby’s paternal great-grandfather, El Qahira’s Tamas.

Or, we can go to another son, Lurr’s Peg-a-Soarus to Tinbats Tina-Soarus to Tinbats Searching for Caleb to Tinbats Morgan’s Passing to Mellowmews J.P. Morgan to Zehnder’s Best Bette of Davende to Zehnder’s Cuba of Instincts to Jacoby’s maternal grandmother, Instincts Raspberry of Abysills.

And there are probably other ways to trace back as well, since I didn’t even go through Bastis Zackariah, the first male Abyssinian DM who figures in most modern North American Abys’ pedigrees.

But can you imagine? There I am, just blithely reading an article about wildcat hybrids, and wham! There’s a name I know from reading my cat’s pedigree!

4 thoughts on “Other People’s Abys: There’s a little bit of wildcat in almost every Aby’s history

  1. Wow, you really know how to navigate these genealogy charts! My human goes bug-eyed when she tries (which is a pretty funny thing to see!). Of course us Somalis and Abys have a touch of wild cat in us! I know I do because I am a fierce killing machine! The crickets here live in mortal fear of me.


    1. I think it helps that I’ve been reading Jake’s pedigree for three years, and his half-brother Gun-Hee’s pedigree for six. But you know, I still find new connections. Jake is also related to some of my friend Molly’s Tigerflower Abys! I didn’t really realise that til this most recent foray into ERoS.

      Jake is pretty hopeless at hunting…unless it’s a moving dot of light…


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