Aby-a-Day – June 14: Boston Pride

Jacoby and I went to Boston Common this past weekend. It just so happened to be Boston Pride Weekend, and there were quite a lot of people in the park enjoying one of the first really nice days of the year.


Jake and I met this little girl, who was adorable, and who loved kitties.





She found a long, shiny metallic magenta streamer, likely an escapee from the parade, and asked if she could play with Jacoby with it.


It was super cute the way she danced around him with the streamer. He was too busy looking at and smelling all the things, but he still seemed to appreciate her attention.



I am always blown away by how good Jake is with little kids.


He just seems to get children. I don’t know if it’s because they’re small, or he somehow understands that they’re “kittens,” but he’s always especially gentle with them and never seems to mind if they make sudden movements or don’t pet him exactly right. Considering apart from our outings he isn’t around children a lot, it’s incredible.


I think they were both a little sad when the little girl had to say goodbye.

Abys in Need: Cuyahoga needs a home in Michigan

Can you believe it? Another Aby in a shelter!


Cuyahoga is a beautiful red/sorrel Abyssinian who is front declawed. She is very curious and very vocal. She was an owner turn-in and came in with Taz (a silver Ocicat mix). The owner was elderly and could not live by herself anymore and could not keep her cats. She is good with other cats and is fine with dogs with a slow introduction.

She will be at Pet Supplies PLUS this Saturday, June 16. Adoption hours are 11am to 3pm.

For more information, call her foster at 734-648-0494 or email pokelsekd@yahoo.com
Visit our official website for more information about Pets, New Additions & Events

Poor girl! She looks so much like Angel…except with two eyes. If you’re in Michigan, looking for an Aby, here’s one who needs a home (and a friend, if you’re willing to take Taz, too).

Also, a note on Sheba: She’s been pulled from the shelter (the shelter didn’t have room for her and she had to go ASAP) and is in foster care; someone in North Carolina has expressed interest in her. So it sounds like Sheba is on her way to a home!