Aby-a-Day – June 15: Commonality (Friday Flashback)

The recent trip to Boston Common Jacoby and I took last weekend, and the children we met with, reminded me of the first time we went to the Common.


This was our first outing of the spring, the first day it was warm enough to go outside after a long Boston winter. Jake, having been born in April, didn’t get a lot of outdoor leash-walking practice during the previous summer before it got too cold to go out.


Nevertheless, he marched around the park like a pro. I always say that he’s a natural when it comes to walking on a leash, and this is why. I’ve had a lot of leash-trained cats in my life, but Jake has always been the most at-ease.


When we met this little boy, it didn’t faze Jake one bit.


That’s another thing about Jake that has always amazed me. He just likes little kids. I think, in fact, that this was the first child he ever really met. And he was so good with the boy, and so relaxed, it was like he had been raised around children.


This is why I want to find a therapy gig working with kids. I think Jake would really be awesome at it. He just naturally seems to appreciate human kittens.