Aby-a-Day – June 16: More fun in Boston Common

When we went to Boston Common last weekend, we met a lot of children. Two of them were brothers who really liked cats.


They had cats of their own at home, which they told me all about. They also asked me a lot of questions about Jacoby.


One thing they asked me about, oddly, was about Jake running. I thought that was pretty funny. But I told them about how Jake likes to run in the hallway and then FLOP. They loved that. The older boy asked me, “Does he do it like this?” and then ran across the grass and flopped on his side.


I was laughing so hard! I said, “Actually…that’s pretty much exactly what he does and what it looks like.” The kid was so proud.


It’s so much fun to watch kids interact with children. He really likes them. And they really like him, too. It’s so much fun to take Jake out where there are little kids.