Aby-a-Day – June 17: Happy Father’s Day

When we first met, and I told my future husband that I had two cats, he said, “I don’t like cats. They aren’t loyal. You can’t play with them. You can’t take them to the park, and they don’t really care if you’re home or not…not like a dog.”


I just said, “You haven’t met any cats yet. You haven’t met my cats.”


Now, of course, he is a total Cat Guy. He picks out pink beds in Target for Kylie. He has a complex treat schedule for everyone. He got a father’s day card “from the cats.”


He also doesn’t like being mentioned in this blog. Still…happy father’s day, sweetie.


Some of these photos are from the 2010 Nikon backlog…I had some great photos in that bunch, eh?