Aby-a-Day – June 19: Think Outside the Box (Cartoon Tuesday)

I’m sure this is what Jacoby’s thinking when he’s playing with a box.


I literally thought of this cartoon today while at lunch. It may be the fastest concept-to-blog cartoon yet.

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International Box Day!

June 19 is International Box Day, a favourite holiday of cats all over the world.


Of course, Jacoby and Angel will be celebrating!


We have a really hard time throwing boxes away in our apartment. In fact, since we’re next to the garbage and recycling room, we often find really good boxes and bring them in to use them for storage or shipping.

But sometimes the boxes get commandeered, like this shoe box. And then, a pillow gets put inside and it’s game over. The box becomes an official Cat Box and can never be disposed of.


We don’t keep every box, though. We do have our limits.


“What? I fit just fine!”